PK-12 ELL Endorsement for Licensed Teachers

Receive an additional endorsement on your teaching license.

This is a non-matriculating course of study for students with Vermont Teaching Licenses looking to add the ELL endorsement to their license.

The ELL endorsement, granted by the State of Vermont, authorizes teachers to add ELL certification to their current Vermont license. Saint Michael’s College offers a pre-approved 18-credit series of courses toward this qualification. Successful completers of this coursework and the associated practicum will be recommended by Saint Michael’s College for the PK-12 ELL Endorsement.

There is no formal matriculation process for the Endorsement program; however, applicants are requested to complete a department-internal application form for advising and administrative purposes.

The ELL Endorsement program may be taken in isolation, or as part of the MATESOL Degree Program.

*Recommended Sequence (18 credits)

Based on a 4-semester completion plan, starting in Fall semester. All courses are 3 credits.

Fall 1 (6 credits)

GSL 542 Introduction to Language Teaching

GSL 547 ESOL in the Content Areas (+ practicum)

Spring 1 (6 credits)

GSL 546 PreK-12 Literacy for ESOL (+ practicum)

GSL 612 Bilingualism and Multicultural Education

Summer (3 credits)

GSL 655 Language Learning and Assessment for Children

Fall 2 (3 credits)

GSL 543 Teaching of Oral Skills in ESOL (+ practicum)

*If you do not follow this recommended sequence, we cannot guarantee that a course you need will be offered when you want it. Independent study for these courses is not an option.

To see the currently offered courses for this program, click here

You will need to pass the Praxis II Exam (ELL) before you can be recommended for endorsement.

Information on Praxis II requirements in Vermont

Overview of the Praxis II (ELL exam)


For more information on PK-12 ELL Endorsement for Licensed Teachers, please email