MATESOL + PK-12 Licensure Program

Earn your Master's Degree and recommendation for your initial ELL VT state teaching license.

In order to teach in Vermont’s public schools, MATESOL students must concurrently pursue the ELL (English Language Learners) Initial Teacher Licensure Program, which is administered by the Graduate Education Program. The Licensure Program prepares students to teach ELL in public schools in Vermont at all levels. You may choose to pursue a license for PK-Grade 6, Grades 7-12, or PK-Grade 12.

A critical component of the Licensure Program is Practicum – performing student teaching in a local public school. Burlington’s area schools provide a wide array of opportunities to teach ELL, with its high population of resettled families from all over the world.

In addition to student teaching, the Licensure Program requires the submission of a portfolio. Students will work closely with their advisors to ensure that their portfolios adequately demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience in teaching English language learners.

Acceptance to the MATESOL Program does not automatically ensure acceptance to the ELL Initial Teacher Licensure Program. You should apply to both the MATESOL Degree Program and the Graduate Education ELL Licensure Program concurrently. After acceptance to the Master in TESOL program, you will be contacted by an advisor from Graduate Education to set up an interview.

Required Courses (46 Credits)

TESOL Courses (21 Credits) (All courses are 3 credits)

GSL 500 Foundations of Linguistics

GSL 502 Pedagogical Grammar

GSL 543 Teaching of Oral Skills in ESOL – Plus 20 hours grades 7-12 practicum

GSL 546 K-12 Literacy for ELL – Plus 20 hours grades K-6 literacy practicum

GSL 547 ELL in the Content Areas – Plus 20 hours K-12 practicum

GSL 612 Bilingualism and Multicultural Education

GSL 655 Language Learning & Assessment for Children


Graduate Education Courses (16 Credits)

GED 516 Educational Foundations: Understanding the Past and Creating the Future (3 Credits)

GED 520 – Child and Adolescent Development (3 Credits)

GED 528 – K-8 Curriculum, Assessment and Management (4 Credits)

GED 612 – Math and Diversity (3 Credits)

GED 641 – Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom K-12 (3 Credits)


Student Teaching Component (9 Credits)

GED 550 Student Teaching Internship (6 Credits)

GED 555 Student Teaching Seminar (3 Credits)


For more information on the MATESOL+ PK Licensure Program, please contact