The Dance program at Saint Michael’s offers several courses, each exploring a different facet of human movement, from a variety of traditions and perspectives. The classes are taught by highly experienced performing dancers and dance instructors from the Burlington community, and are open to students in all programs of study. All dance classes begin with a thorough warm-up appropriate to the techniques and challenges to be addressed. These courses fulfill the Artistic Experience requirement of the Liberal Studies Curriculum.

Course Offerings

DA 101 – Beginning Dance

This course is designed for students who are new to dance, returning to dance, or athletes. It is a fun and challenging introduction to the basics of dance technique, choreography and composition. By drawing on techniques from modern dance, ballet, yoga, and hip-hop, students improve their flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and overall well-being.

DA 102 – Ballet

This class is an introduction to the movement vocabulary of classical ballet. The class consists of floorwork, barre work and center floor with an emphasis on alignment and placement. This class is suitable for students with no previous ballet experience or those who want to review the basics. Students will improve their flexibility, strength, balance and coordination while developing an appreciation for ballet as an expressive art.

DA 103 – Modern Dance

A physical and fast paced experience, this introduction to Modern Dance emphasizes the Fall and Recovery technique of Doris Humphrey, one of the four founders of American Modern Dance, as well as significant techniques developed by other founders.

DA 105 – Jazz

In this fast-paced approach to jazz dance, students will learn basic technique with an emphasis on musicality and safe dance practices. This class explores a variety of styles of Jazz from swing to Latin, and utilizes across-the-floor and dance combinations structures.

DA 111 – Creative Dance

Unlike the other dance classes, this is not a class in any particular technique. Instead, this creative art activity enables students to explore and develop their own authentic movement vocabulary. Students create improvisational scores and short compositions inspired by music or other art forms and by observation of their environment. Classes include dance games, improvisations and choreographic studies.

DA 397 – Advanced Dance

A technique class for experienced dancers with at several years of dance training, this course explores a variety of dance styles with an emphasis on Modern, Contemporary and ballet, and is geared toward dancers ready to explore new movement styles in a supportive yet rigorous environment.