Experiential Learning

It’s one thing to learn through instruction and another to learn through experience.

At Saint Michael’s, we believe in the power of both. So in addition to a challenging and diverse liberal studies curriculum, and classroom time with serious and approachable scholars, you’ll participate in some form of qualifying Experiential Learning, which you can fulfill either through coursework or extracurricular activities.

Joshua Miranda ’13, an American Studies/secondary education major from Rhode Island, spent a semester in Washington D.C., then wrote “Searching for Common Ground” about connecting with fellow capitol interns who were his political opposites. It’s a good start for reversing today’s caustic polarization in politics, which he believes is a pressing imperative for America’s future.

On his semester abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, Matt Connolly ’13 helped organize an international conference on migration and development, which inspired him to create his own major in international relations.

Closer to campus, internships, service-learning courses, and campus leadership organizations like the Student Association, Wilderness Program and Campus Ministry can all fulfill experiential learning requirements. Chris Eldridge ’12, a business major, joined the Fire and Rescue squad. He was hired before he graduated to work in insurance. “When I’m on the front lines now as an insurance person and someone’s house just burned down or they’ve been in a car accident, I’ll be able to help them rebuild their lives from what I’ve seen on the front lines,” he says.