The play "APPetite" wins ACTF recognition


APPetite play photo

Saint Michael's College award-winning student actors in APPetite, (left to right) Patrick Adigweme, Zachery Pesner, Michelle Kaznowski, Liz Levenson

Created over the course of the academic year, the Saint Michael's College spring main-stage production, APPetite, drew raves from the audience for eight performances April 11-21, and yielded special awards for acting, design, and overall Meritorious Achievement from the American College Theatre Festival.

Directed by Professor Cathy Hurst, the 18 student performers and designers were part of a very surprising and polished production. Professor Hurst had the idea for a 'devised' play titled APPetite, and then with assistant director Kit Rivers of Evansville, IN, and seniors Liz Levinson of Danvers, MA, and Amanda Mulligan of Ardmore, PA, and the rest of the cast, they built the play with five re-writes and a lot of work, over the course of eight months.

Using three large screens to complement and underscore the action on stage, and original raucous music, the student actors drew the audience in with an engaging message about the danger of losing yourself and your human connections in social media, mobile devices, games on your phone, and desperation to stay wired. The dangers therein were spelled out with excellent dramatic impact. One especially ironic scene came with Angry Birds, from the game of the same name, attacking the characters.

Music, technology, costumes, sets–the show had it all and used it all to capture the audience and force us to grapple with what Director Hurst said were the play’s choices. "Do you choose a machine, or do you choose a human relationship? And at what cost?"

  • Kit Rivers '14 - assistant director
  • John Paul Devlin - scenic design
  • Peter Harrigan - costume design
  • Keelia Liptak '12 - lighting design 
  • Alan Hefferon ’14 - multi-media projection designs
  • Matthew Fitzgerald - sound designer
  • Zachary "Oz" Dyer - original music


Actor Michelle Kazanowski of Duxbury, MA, and Musician Zachary "Oz" Dyer of Middleborough, MA, were selected to prepare an audition and compete for scholarship recognition at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Hyannis/Cape Cod next January.

Video designer Alan Hefferon of Jericho, VT, and lighting designer Keelia Liptak of Moretown, VT, were selected to submit their designs for competition at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Featival, and Assistant Director Kit Rivers of Evansville, ID, was selected to apply for the Stage Directors and Choreographers audition at the regional ACTF.

And Alan Hefferon, Kit Rivers and Cathy Hurst were named to receive Certificates of Meritorious Achievement from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for APPetite.

"There's just this fact that we’re all tied to our technology and the endless information stimulation that we get from it," Director Hurst said in an April 12th Seven Days story about the play. The play brought to life this reality and this dilemma we all face…on Facebook, our phones, texting, tweeting, and on and on.

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