Kaitlyn Newdorf '13 wins top French student award from Judge Christina Reiss '84


Newdorf & Reiss

Kaitlin Newdorf '13, a double major in French and economics with a minor in religious studies, was the 2013 recipient of the Danielle Miller Award, given annually to the top French student by Judge Christina Reiss, a 1984 graduate of Saint Michael's, and a former student of the late French professor Danielle Miller.

"Danielle Miller made French come alive for us," said Judge Reiss, at presentation ceremonies held on the Saint Michael's campus April 19. She died young, and "we never got to tell her how meaningful she was."

Judge Reiss created the award to honor the professor and because of her belief in the power of knowing a second language. In using other languages, she said, "You have chosen to relate to people on their own terms - you will use your language skills." The judge explained her own use of French in training judges in Tunisia and in a courtroom in Vermont and Arizona.

Newdorf, the daughter of Charles and Iris Newdorf of Auburn, NH, was cited for doing multiple research projects in Economics and French that "clearly indicate her intellectual talent and tireless sense of motivation."

Inducted into two national honor societies

A member of the Saint Michael's Honors Program, Newdorf was inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for Religion and Theology, and into Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international honor society in economics. She spent the fall semester in 2011 studying in Grenoble, France.

Newdorf's presentations at Saint Michael's Academic Symposium 2013

Kaitlyn Newdorf was cited as "a wonderful example of the liberal arts ideal" because of her combination of study and research in three fields. She presented two research projects at the college's Academic Symposium on April 20. Her work in French was titled (translated), "Family and Profession: the drama of women yesterday and today (after Fracoise Sagan and Denise Bombardier)."

Her presentation work in economics was titled "The Impact of Malpractice Payouts on the Supply of Physicians with in the United States."

In her funded Social Science Summer Research project, Newdorf studied the discrepancy between French and American healthcare expenditures. She presented that research project at the Dean’s Reception on the evening of April 20.

Newdorf plans to pursue a career in healthcare after earning a graduate degree in public health or economics. She indicated that among her ideal jobs would be one that allows her to continue applying her French in the realm of international health.

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