Career Launch Program

Career readiness at St. Mike’s is designed to ensure that you have the skills, experience, and materials to submit your graduate school applications or launch your job search before graduation.

Achieve More With Your Education

Most colleges can give you the skills and knowledge you need to land a job after graduation. But will you feel ready when your manager takes a leave and you’re asked to step into a leadership role? What will you do when your company has to reinvent itself due to a disruptive change in technology? How will you respond when you face an ethical dilemma at work?

The education you receive at Saint Michael’s College will not only help you prepare for a job upon graduation, but will, more importantly, equip you to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing world of career opportunities.

St. Mike’s students graduate to build fulfilling lives of purpose and consequence, succeeding in their chosen careers and making a difference in their communities. After all, isn’t that what you should expect from your education?

At Saint Michael’s, career readiness is a carefully structured, essential part of the student experience. It is designed to complement your studies and provide hands-on skills and experiences employers are seeking – even exceeding the standards set by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Your career preparation activities will lead to demonstrated skills in these eight areas:

Teamwork | Career Management | Critical Thinking | Leadership |
Professionalism | Digital Technology | Communication | Intercultural Fluency


You will work directly with your Saint Michael’s Career Coach, who will guide you through the program’s three levels. Each level builds upon the experiences of the previous, and completing each level earns you a Career Ready Badge for your resumé and LinkedIn profile, telling employers you are prepared to excel above other candidates.


Level 1

Lays the groundwork for your career readiness and helps you understand more about your potential career tracks covering:

Self-assessment | Career coaching sessions
Networking skills | Professional documents and online profile

Level 2

Further hones your skills and knowledge and begins to develop your professional network and experience. You will meet alumni in your field and partake in activities like:

Career symposia | Job shadowing
Practice interviews | Informational interviews

Level 3

The final level of your career-readiness work involves applying your career skills and tools and developing leadership experiences and a desire to serve the greater human good. These activities will include:

Internship experiences | Leadership with a campus, local, or hometown organization | Applications for employment, graduate school, or service