Career Websites

We’ve pulled together a valuable list of websites to help students consider career paths and connect directly with organizations in their area of interest.

Career Education Resources

Leveraging LinkedIn for Networking and Research

As a student, you have most likely created a social media profile by using Facebook, or Twitter. As you move into the professional world with internships or part-time work, it’s time to “upgrade to professional” – create a networking profile on LinkedIn.

Why should you create another profile?

A LinkedIn profile is a professional summary of your education and experience. The site will allow you to highlight your skills and qualifications to search for jobs and internships. This is not a social site – it should be used strictly for your professional profile. It allows you to be “linked” with other professionals and make connections with networking groups, especially other Saint Michael’s College Alumni.

Click the links below to learn how to build a LinkedIn profile and how to research and network successfully:

Two great resources on building a LinkedIn Profile:

You can also check out the official LinkedIn channel on YouTube to learn more about LinkedIn’s features.