Victoria Smith '18

    Victoria Smith ’18

    Which part of your liberal arts education at SMC has been the most valuable to you?

    Saint Michael’s liberal arts education has been extremely valuable to me. I loved that I could focus on my field of study (International Relations) while also learning more about subjects that interested me yet did not fit directly into my professional career. My minor in religious studies enriched my life by guiding me through questions about truth and ethics and complemented what I learned from my SMC political science courses to prepare me for my grad school program at The Citadel.

    The SMC liberal arts education also gave me the opportunity to study two foreign languages, providing me with personal connections and professional opportunities I might not otherwise have. A liberal arts education is valuable because it exposes you to different topics and perspectives in the world. In studying these seemingly disparate subjects, you see that there is often a deeper connection than the one you see at the surface. Learning to think about an issue in multiple dimensions not only encourages academic intelligence but can promote ethical growth. At Saint Michael’s, my pursuit of knowledge and development of this understanding certainly guided me on my path to an ethics of compassion.

    Was there a particular lecture, course, book, professor, staff member or extracurricular activity that made an indelible impact on your career path or life, or shaped who you are now?

    I had so many fabulous professors at SMC! Trish Siplon has undoubtedly had the biggest impact on my life. Her courses on research methods, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and global water politics have set the foundation for my career working as a political science researcher. Mike Bosia’s classes were some of my favorites; in particular, his Transitions to Democracy course has been helpful to my academic and professional career. I am very grateful for their mentorship and friendship, which have extended beyond my years at SMC.