GI Bill Information

GI Bill Quick Links

There are many versions of the G.I. Bill and each is dependent upon a veterans status while they served. Here are links to the current slate of G.I. Bill benefits available:

Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty)
Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation)
Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill)
Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill – Transfer of Entitlement)
Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Assistance)
Chapter 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve)
Chapter 1607 (Montgomery GI Bill – Reserve Educational Assistance Program)

Applying to the VA for G.I. Bill Benefits

The first step to receiving your G.I. Bill Benefit is to be certified by the VA as eligible. Fill out the Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP) to begin the automated certification process.

School Certification of Student Enrollment for VA Benefits

In order to receive G.I. Bill education benefits (after your application has been approved) the VA requires that the college file an Enrollment Certification on your behalf for each semester or separate start and end date of classes for which you wish to use G.I. Bill education benefits. Enrollment Certifications are not filed automatically as not all students wish to use their G.I. Bill education benefits every term they are enrolled in classes. For those terms for which you wish to receive benefits, you will need to submit a Request for Enrollment Certification through the mySMC portal. You will receive an automated email reply when your request has been submitted.

Click here to log into the mySMC Portal

The certification process requires the student and School Certifying Official to communicate and works smoothest if we get it right the first time around. Therefore, you must know what benefit you are eligible for, be informed about what it pays for and how, and be sure that your class schedule is finalized before requesting to be certified. Failing to take the necessary steps could result in an overpayment which you would be required to repay to the VA. Any changes in your class schedule should be reported immediately via the same form in the mySMC portal. If you would prefer to drop off the paper form to my Office in Founders 112, you can print it here.

Transparency of Process

Transparency of the certification process allows students to know VA requirements and understand what Saint Michael’s College will certify. This in turn allows students to make informed decisions about which courses to enroll in and how any add/drop or withdrawal will affect their certification. Learn about what School Certifying Officials are required to report by reading the School Certifying Official Handbook.

If you have questions about the process at any point, call (802-654-2571), e-mail, or drop by the Registrar’s Office (Klein Hall, Suite C) to discuss what is available for you. You can speak with someone about applying, transferring credit, certification or your enrollment, making sure your payments are on the way, academic support or access to other VA Benefits.

Changes In Enrollment

If you withdraw from one or more of your courses after the end of the school’s drop period, VA may reduce or stop your benefits on the date of reduction or withdrawal. If you withdraw from a course after the end of the drop period, you may have to repay all benefits for the course unless you can show that the change was due to mitigating circumstances. VA defines “mitigating circumstances” as unavoidable and unexpected events that directly interfere with your pursuit of a course and are beyond your control.

Examples of reasons VA may accept are:

  • Extended illness
  • Severe illness or death in your immediate family
  • Unscheduled changes in your employment
  • Lack of child care

Examples of reasons VA may not accept are:

  • Withdrawal to avoid a failing grade
  • Dislike of the instructor
  • Too many courses attempted

Actions Upon A Change In Enrollment

If you change your enrollment, immediately tell the Saint Michael’s College certifying official who will then notify the appropriate VA Regional Processing Office of the change. You can notify the VA Certifying Official via the Request for Enrollment Certification form available on the mySMC portal or via e-mail to If the VA does not receive prompt notice of a change, you could be liable for an over payment of benefits.