Summer will see Saint Michael’s students learning around the globe

Study Abroad Director Peggy Imai shares about upcoming study trips, returnees from spring 2022 experiences, and smaller group heading overseas in the fall

May 11, 2022
Faculty/staff report
Peggy Imai 3

Peggy Imai

Peggy Imai, director of Saint Michael’s College’s Study Abroad Office, recently shared with faculty and staff about students heading out for the coming summer and fall semesters of 2022 for exciting study-abroad programs, as well as the sizeable spring semester cohort who are freshly returning with new perspectives and insights to enrich classes next year.

This year’s spring 2022 study destinations for those 25 returning students had included Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Panama and Kenya.

The largest group heading overseas for summer 2022 consists of Freeman Foundation Internships for 14 students who will work with various agencies in Seoul, the South Korean capital city. Their majors range from international relations to economics, political science, music, business, public health, French and philosophy.

Other students heading abroad for Summer 2022 include Timothy Beaver and Samil Love (Global Cities London Program, London, England), Shaun Clem, Mackenzie Costello and Peyton Edwards  (Florence Global Education Center, Florence, Italy), Christopher DeNegre (French Language and Culture studies in Grenoble, France), Eliza Masteller (Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden), Lucas Pereschino (Buenos Aires, Argentina, internship), Sadie Pratt (biodiversity & conservation in Bali & Borneo) and Mackenzie Rowbotham (Universidad de Granada, Spain).

Seven students also are joining a trip led by emeritus faculty leaders Jonathan Silverman and Hideko Furukawa to Kyoto, Japan from May 17-31. The program is called “Kyoto – An Aesthetic Perspective on Place.”Study Abroad Art December

Another group of 13 students led by Kerry Shea and Christina Root of the English faculty will be participating in the “Shakespeare in Performance” trip to England from May 23 to June 4.

Fall semester typically has a much smaller group of students than spring semester for Study Abroad, Imai said, and such is the case for Fall Semester 2022. Those students leaving in the fall for overseas are Caron O’Neil, and Mikalya Thompson (Cours de Civilization Francaise de la Sorbonne in Paris, France); Rebekah Underwood, studying social & environmental change in Oceania, Apia, Samoa, and Tania Chevez, tentatively heading to Arcadia University and Maynooth University in Maynooth, Ireland.

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