Learn to Ski and Snowboard Program makes winter fun

November 3, 2023
Izzy Quam '25

Winters in Vermont can be long, but there is no reason they can’t be fun too. The Adventure Sports Center helps make winters fun by offering a number of different activities throughout the winter.

One of the most popular programs offered by the Adventure Sports Center is the Learn to Ski and Snowboard program.  

“The Learn to Ski and Snowboard program is designed for students that have never, or almost never, skied or snowboarded,” Eben Widlund said, director of the Adventure Sports Center. 

The program is a great way to get introduced to skiing and snowboarding, “Winters in Vermont can be long, and this is a great way to get introduced to a potential life-long sport,” Widlund said.    

The program offers two full days of lessons, including rentals and transportation. If students attend both lessons, they get a premium Sugarbush pass, which is typically $200, Widlund explained. After the lessons, they can continue to ski or snowboard and there is free transportation to the mountain almost every weekend. The deadline to sign up for the program is November 29.

For more experienced skiers and snowboarders, the Adventure Sports Center offers passes to Sugarbush. The value pass is $115.00 and gets a student unlimited access to Mt. Ellen and access to Lincoln Peak mid-week. That cost is less than a regular day pass would be. The premium pass is $200.00 and gets unlimited access to Mt. Ellen and Lincoln Peak. 

The Adventure Sports Center offers other winter activities as well including hiking, ice climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry ski/ride programs. The programs offer an opportunity for students to get introduced to new activities.  

“College is a great opportunity to try things you’ve never done before,” Widlund said. 

The programs also provide benefits for your health and getting away from campus can be the break you need.  

“Getting outside is good for physical, emotional and mental health. Spending time away from campus exercising with other students can be extremely rejuvenating and help put things into perspective,” Widlund said.  

These programs are offered through the Adventure Sports Center and start during the first weekend back from winter break (January 20 and 21) and run through spring break. They are also low cost, ranging from five to twenty-five dollars. Students can sign up for all of these programs in the Adventure Sports Center.     

 “Winters can seem long but if you get outside and do something they are much more fun. Plus, the opportunity for pictures are incredible,” Widlund added.  

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