Ceremony recognizes employees’ milestones and retirements

May 17, 2024

President Richard Plumb (Photo by Cat Cutillo)

The Retirement and Recognition Ceremony at Saint Michael’s was held in McCarthy Recital Hall on Thursday, followed by a reception. The annual event celebrates and recognizes the commitment and contributions of Saint Michael’s faculty and staff.

“Last week we got to celebrate the achievements our students,” President Richard Plumb said to the audience at the event’s opening. “That was only made possible by you. If it wasn’t for the staff, if it wasn’t for the faculty, we would not be celebrating our students’ achievements. So, with deep gratitude I want to thank all of you for what you do to make this College what it is and that is a home and that’s a sense of belonging.”

The event was hosted by the Saint Michael’s Human Resources Department and led by Director of Human Resources Kendra Smith. 

“Each one of us has an opportunity to make an impact on one another with every single interaction that we have. And from those interactions there’s a ripple effect,” Smith said. “In reflecting on the notion of community and why people choose to stay at St. Mike’s, I come back to many conversations I’ve had that it’s the people that keep us here.”

Kendra Smith (Photo by Cat Cutillo)

Smith invited the audience to reflect on a special memory that they had at their time at Saint Michael’s that makes the College a Beloved Community.

“I believe it’s so important to connect over and over again with the ‘why’ behind what we do,” Smith said. “For me, this event is an opportunity to connect with and rekindle that fire of inspiration.”

Smith thanked the audience for each of their roles in making Saint Michael’s special and asked those who were retiring to stay connected. 

Former President Jack Neuhauser spoke about Chair and Professor of Business Administration Bill Anderson, who was celebrating 50 years and counting at Saint Michael’s.  

At the end of the ceremony, President Plumb announced that Fr. Michael Carter would be taking over the role of Director of Edmundite Campus Ministry beginning July 1 and that Fr. Brian Cummings— after 29 years of service at Saint Michael’s — will be taking a year-long sabbatical at the Institute for Continuing Theological Education at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy.  

“We wish you the best of luck in Rome,” President Plumb said. “And Fr. Michael, thank you.”

Fr. Brian Cummings (Photo by Cat Cutillo)

Employees Recognized for Years of Service  

5 Years  

Christina Brazeau, Heidi Brodtman, Nalini Cheatham, Christopher Desjardins, Eric Eaton, Carla Francis, Shannon Gile, Saraswoti Hamal, Daniel Hescock, Ryan Horan, Michelle Jordan, Andrew Korich, Caitlin Lei, Melissa Lourie, Matthew Meunier, James Neidlinger, Sarah Nosek, Michael Ohler, Ann O’Shaughnessy, Marnie Owen, Candas Pinar, Karen Reinhardt, Anne Sanner, Rebecca Young  

10 Years 

Tara Abele, Tina Cioffi, Paul Constantino, Gordon Glover, Paula Henry, Leon Lifshutz, Melissa McDuffie, Lara Scott, Joseph Wright 

15 Years 

Maura D’Amore, Jane Eustace, Dragan Fresl, Eileen Hall, Angus MacLeod, Shefali Misra, Marque Moffett, Adam Weaver  

20 Years 

Claudine Bedell Michael Bosia Renee Carrico John Cheney John Connors Jordan Douglas Valerie Gardner Anna Lester William Mentor James Nagle  

25 Years 

Paula Gratton, Carla Hesler, Carolyn Lukens, Randy Olson, Rebecca Wigglesworth 

30 Years 

Ingrid Peterson, Fr. Marcel Rainville 

35 Years 

Stephen McMahon, Terry O’Brien, Denise Tougas, Jeffrey Trumbower 

50 Years 

Bill Anderson

Former President Jack Neuhauser spoke about Chair and Professor of Business Administration Bill Anderson (Photo by Cat Cutillo)


Mahmoud Arani  

Sandy Karstens  

Robert Letovsky  

Carolyn Lukens-Olson  

Cathy Quinn  

Carol Redmond  

Joyce Stowell  

Fr. David Theroux

Chair of Religious Studies Raymond Patterson speaking about Fr. David Theroux (Photo by Cat Cutillo)

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