Student Spotlight: Camden Simpson

December 13, 2023
Izzy Quam '25

The Student Spotlight Series is a new feature to highlight Saint Michael’s students’ lives in all corners of campus. Students’ answers have been lightly edited for style and clarity.  

Camden Simpson ’26 is from Barre, Vermont, and is majoring and History and minoring in Education.

What brought you to Saint Michael’s College?

Since High School, I have been fascinated with the subject of History— both as a study of the past and as an influence on the present day. I was referred to Saint Michael’s by a few of my high school history teachers, some of whom are alumni of the college. Their History program was highly praised, as were its facility and staff, who were incredibly welcoming whenever I visited. The campus is smaller than most, which provides the opportunity to see more of the people I am familiar with, and really allows for a much greater sense of community and belonging. The smaller classes were really appealing, as it would allow for more one-on-one discussions with professors. I am very close to my family, especially my mom and dad, so I wanted to find somewhere that would allow me to remain close to home yet would still produce a sense of independence. Burlington and Winooski are two great areas in my home state of Vermont, so there’s plenty to do if you ever want to take some time off campus. When I factored all of these things together, Saint Michael’s just seemed like the perfect fit for me and has been ever since.  

Where do people see you on campus? (What are you involved in? How do you spend your time?) 

There are a few different places I could be spotted when I’m on campus. I like to go outside whenever I can get a break from my studies, so students may see me walking around campus or even in places off campus, such as Fort Ethan Allen or downtown Winooski. If I get bored of studying in my dorm, you may be able to catch me doing some work in the library. I also love to play music on my trumpet as much as I can, so students may see me over at McCarthy Hall doing some playing in one of the practice rooms upstairs, or possibly in Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble during weeknights. Some students may simply find me in the classroom, or maybe just grabbing a bite to eat at Alliot Dining Hall.  

What is your favorite thing about the academic experience at St. Mike’s? 

I would have to consider the smaller class sizes and openness from professors to be my favorite thing about the academic experience at St. Mike’s. Although this may sound strange, it is something I greatly benefit from and attribute to my academic success thus far. Having less people in class makes me feel as if I am more than just a number, and actually have worth in class discussions. My professors greatly appreciate involvement from the students, whether it be through discussions or feedback on a lesson. They also make themselves available for students if they have questions or are struggling with a specific aspect of the course, which I cannot emphasize enough as being a crucial portion of my prosperity within classes up to this point. It allows me to get to know my professor better and inform them on what they can do to help me be successful— two very important things for me as I make my way through the college experience.  

What is your favorite thing to do on campus? 

It is difficult for me to select something I would classify as “my favorite thing to do on campus,” yet I think it would probably have to be seeing so many familiar faces as I go throughout my day. Whether it be people I’ve met in class, a hall mate, or a faculty member, I always enjoy sparking up a conversation with them. I am on the spectrum, so communication is incredibly important for my personal development, especially as a college student. I like chatting with people to get to know them better and to build relationships that make the stresses of my studies a little less daunting. It makes me feel as if I’m putting myself out there for people and am a part of this small, yet incredibly loving community.  

 How are you hoping your St. Mike’s education will prepare you for the future? (Do you have after graduation plans?) 

I am hopeful that my education at St. Mike’s will equip me for my future endeavors as a potential educator within the field of history. I hope that I can obtain a vast array of information from a variety of different periods throughout our world’s past that will provide me with the knowledge necessary to teach younger generations about how we have arrived at the present moment. I also hope that my education will prepare me for this goal by helping me develop the skills on how to work with younger children and instruct in ways that will invoke a solid level of learning within them. The present cannot be understood without the past, nor can the future be improved if we don’t learn from both our greatest mistakes and triumphs. 

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