Student Spotlight: Sophie Burt ’26

February 20, 2024
Izzy Quam '25

The Student Spotlight Series is a new feature to highlight Saint Michael’s students’ lives in all corners of campus. Students’ answers have been lightly edited for style and clarity.   

Sophie Burt ’26 from Madison, Connecticut, is majoring in Digital Media and Communications.  

What brought you to Saint Michael’s College?  

Sophie Burt ’26

The first thing I liked about St. Mike’s was how kind everyone was. I knew I would never feel lost in the crowd here and I would always have someone looking out for me. 

Where do people see you on campus? (What are you involved in? How do you spend your time?)   

Currently, I work in the Office of Marketing and Communications as a student photographer and videographer. You are most likely to find me wandering around campus taking pictures. Also, all the incoming freshmen will see me as an orientation leader.  

What is your favorite thing about the academic experience at St. Mike’s?  

My favorite thing about St. Mike’s is that there are so many people in your corner. Professors take the time to get to know you and help in any way they can. If I’m struggling, I know I can get help from a professor, advisor, or my peers.  

What is your favorite thing to do on campus?  

I enjoy spending time in the Mac labs because we have access to all the Adobe programs, and the vibes are great. When it’s warm out, I love taking walks in Gilbrook Nature Area with my friends.  

How are you hoping your St. Mike’s education will prepare you for the future? (Do you have after-graduation plans?)  

St. Mike’s allowed me to get a job in a field I would love to have a career in when I was only a freshman. This allows me to leave here with four years of experience. The Center for Global Engagement is funding me to work in Paris this summer as part of an internship. This opportunity will allow me to make global connections and have experience working in an international office related to my interests. The opportunities this school gives feel endless. 

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