Izzy Kolb kicks off the senior spring art exhibitions

January 26, 2024
Photos by Nico Allard-Krause

The Art & Design Senior Exhibitions of 2024 opened in McCarthy Art Gallery this week. There will be a total of 13 solo exhibitions that will be open to the public from January 23 through May 10. The first exhibition featured the work of Izzy Kolb ’24 and was called, “What if I Live in All the Wrong Ways?” Kolb’s work is on display through January 27.

Click here to see a full lineup of the spring art shows

Artist Statement:

Living in a society of oversaturation and overstimulation, the world can feel a bit loud. My process as an artist requires a prioritized relationship distinguishing my own internal voice from all other noise. My creative process, using self-imposed rules prohibiting social media use, revealed my long-standing dependency on this technology as a form of escapism. Through this work, I question the fundamental experience of endless visual entertainment, influence, and all-encompassing distraction.

See photos by Nico Allard-Krause from Kolb’s January 25 gallery reception in McCarthy Art Gallery.

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