Student Spotlight: Isabella Paredes Mendoza ’24

January 31, 2024
Izzy Quam '25

The Student Spotlight Series is a new feature to highlight Saint Michael’s students’ lives in all corners of campus. Students’ answers have been lightly edited for style and clarity.  

Isabella Paredes Mendoza ’24 is from Lima, Peru, and is double majoring in Digital Media and Communications and Business Administration.  

 What brought you to Saint Michael’s College?  

The Digital Media and Communications DMC (previously MJD) program caught my eye, as it covered every aspect of media that I was interested in. In comparison to other schools, the DMC program seemed to offer the most flexibility when it comes to media creation. I was looking for a small school with big opportunities, a place where community matters, and St. Mike’s fit that description perfectly!

Isabella Paredes Mendoza ’24 (Courtesy photo)

Where do people see you on campus? (What are you involved in? How do you spend your time?)   

I am involved in different places around campus! I am co-president for Diversity Coalition, MOVE core leader for FEED, a media producer at the Media Creation Studio, content creator at the Marketing and Communications Department, writing coach and advertising representative at the Writing Center, MacLab support student worker, and I am also part of Stellaris, which is a K-pop dance group with all St. Mike’s members (you should follow us on Instagram! @stell4ris). 

What is your favorite thing about the academic experience at St. Mike’s?  

Academically, I absolutely love that we have the opportunity to explore different disciplines. There are truly no limits when it comes to learning at St. Mikes. I came to St. Mikes for DMC but ended up loving anthropology, finance, and beyond. Also, learning does not end in the classroom here. Outside of the classroom, campus involvement is incredibly rich. From athletics to volunteering, the average St. Mike’s student is highly involved and values community. The college experience for a St. Mike’s student is much more than just getting a degree. It is about growing as a person and leaving a strong impact wherever you go.  

What is your favorite thing to do on campus?  

My favorite thing to do on campus is capture student life and the St. Mike’s identity. Working in the Marketing and Communications Department has allowed me to develop strong media creation skills, and it also gives me the opportunity to use them with purpose by showcasing the essence of our school! 

How are you hoping your St. Mike’s education will prepare you for the future? (Do you have after-graduation plans?)  

My St. Mike’s education is not only giving me the tools to excel in the media and business world, but also making me a purposeful leader and strong and passionate community member. 

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