Student Spotlight: Leaf Reiderer

January 3, 2024
Izzy Quam '25

The Student Spotlight Series is a new feature to highlight Saint Michael’s students’ lives in all corners of campus. Students’ answers have been lightly edited for style and clarity.  

Leaf Reiderer ‘26 is from Granville, Vermont, and is a double major in Biology and Environmental Science.

What brought you to Saint Michael’s College? 

I came to St. Mike’s because of how supportive everyone is about each person’s individual needs. 

Where do people see you on campus? (What are you involved in? How do you spend your time?) 

I am a co-facilitator of Knights of Philo, the Student Government Association (SGA) representative for Student Disability Advocacy Alliance (SDAA), a Teaching Assistant for a Bio lab, and I work in the Purposeful learning office. 

What is your favorite thing about the academic experience at St. Mike’s? 

I love taking classes that I never imagined being interested in, just to try it out. 

What is your favorite thing to do on campus? 

I like sitting outside and spending time in the natural area. 

How are you hoping your St. Mike’s education will prepare you for the future? (Do you have after graduation plans?) 

I don’t have after-graduation plans yet! 

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