Social Media Best Practices

Optimize Your Social Media Communications

Have you ever wondered if you’re using social media correctly? Well, Saint Michael’s Office of Marketing and Communications is here to help! The guidelines below apply to all social media outlets and are intended to help you post content that is as intriguing as it is informative.

Be concise:
Get to the point in the most interesting way possible. Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, less if you’re including a picture, and Facebook posts between 100 and 250 characters result in 60% more engagement than their long-winded counterparts. Don’t be afraid to expand your message by including a link in your post.

Be authentic:
Social media is a lot of things, but at its core it’s social. When posting to your channel, imagine that you’re talking to a person; keep your tone professional, yet relaxed.

Be relevant:
Is what I have to say the “right fit” for social media? Keep your target audience in mind and incorporate timely content when appropriate. For example: if you’re posting on behalf of the Mathematics Dept., an interesting fact about pi would be a timely post on pi day (March 14).

Be accurate:
Double-check your content for typos and make sure that what you’re sharing is factually correct and not embargoed.

Be respectful:
When you’re posting as an admin on a Saint Michael’s account and when using social media for your personal use, remember that you’re representing the college; make sure what you post adheres to Saint Michael’s Code of Conduct.

Be committed:
Just like a conversation with a friend, you have to contribute, be responsive, and pay attention. Ideally new posts should be added to your social media pages 2 times a week, at minimum, and all questions should be responded to within 48 hours (the sooner, the better).

Know your audience:
Not every social media channel caters to the same audience or is used in the same way. Twitter is often tapped as a news source. Facebook is “getting older”. Think about your target audience and your social media goals, and then focus on the channel that makes the most sense for you and your department.