Course Catalog: Summer Session 1

Accelerated Summer College students can take up to two of the courses below, each course is worth four credits (unless otherwise specified). Students should be advised that credits earned at Saint Michael’s College are transferable at the discretion of the receiving institution. All courses meet 100% online for all 6 weeks.

Accelerated Summer College Catalog – Summer Session 1:  May 18 – June 26, 2020


BI 108 Topics: Human Nutrition (online) – Professor Jim Willard
This lab science course is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to study and comment intelligently on the role of nutrition in the total human life cycle. We will examine human physiological requirements for and the chemistry of the nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, lipid, minerals, vitamins, and water. Each chapter lists specific objectives to be met. The laboratory component of the course consists of experiments that apply these tools to real nutritional situations. 

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC: Scientific Reasoning

CORE: Scientific Inquiry


BI 205 Biological Communications (online)  Professor Ruth Fabian-Fine

This course will help students (1) develop skills in locating, reading, and evaluating professional literature in the biological sciences ; (2) develop skills in presenting scientific research or other biological information orally and in writing; and (3) improve their ability to statistically evaluate, analyze, and present biological data.

Pre-reqs: (BI-151 or BI-152 Minimum Grades C-) and (BI-153 Minimum Grades C); Biology/Neuroscience/Pre-Pharmacy Majors Only.

BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology (online) – Professor Paul Constantino

Students will study the structures of the vertebrate body and will also learn how the vertebrate structure has been modified over evolutionary time. The primary focus will be on mammalian, including human, anatomy.

Pre-reqs: (BI-151 or BI-152 Minimum Grades C-) and (BI-153 Minimum Grade C).

Business Administration

BU 215 Marketing (online)  Professor Robert Letovsky

This course will provide a review of the fundamental topics in marketing management, and expose the student to various analytical and decision making tools currently used by marketing managers. The course will focus on the various elements of the marketing mix, and on how the marketing manager must control and integrate each of them to achieve competitive advantage.

Pre-reqs: (BU-103 or BU-113) and (BU-115 or AC-143); Juniors and Seniors Only; Business Majors and Minors Only.


EN 110 Literature of the American Dream (online) – Professor Robert Niemi

This course provides a topic-based approach to literary studies. It aims to make students more aware of their aesthetic experience through extensive reading of primary texts, discussion of interpretive strategies, and writing about the process of paying attention to literature and life.

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC: Literary Studies

CORE: Literature and the Arts

Environmental Studies

ES 107 Environmental Science (online) –  Professor David Heroux
This course is a science-based investigation of the Earth as a system, with application to understanding many issues in contemporary environmental policy. Science is an attempt to discover how nature works. Through careful observation, measurements, experimentation, and modeling, students will explore issues in contemporary environmental science. These include climate change, biodiversity, deforestation, ecosystem structure and function, population, biogeochemical cycling, energy, as well as investigations of environmental problems, their causes, and solutions. 

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC: Scientific Reasoning

CORE: Scientific Inquiry 

Global Studies

GL 301 Global Explorations (2 credits, online)Professor Katherine Kirby
While there is no way to replicate the kinds of immersive experiences possible through an international Academic Study Trip, this online course provides a 2-credit replacement opportunity to explore the culture, society, ethics, history, politics, and/or economics of your intended destination country. Students will have the chance to learn some of what they might have learned while on the Academic Study Trips that had to be cancelled/postponed because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Assignments and individual research will allow students to explore the theme or topic at the heart of their intended Academic Study Trip, as well as cultural dimensions of their destination country (food, music, language, religion, etc.), and share what they learn with their classmates.

RESTRICTION: This course is restricted to only the students who had been accepted to participate in a Summer 2020 Academic Study Trip.

Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts

MJD 219 Introduction to Digital Photography and Visual Storytelling (online) – Professor Jerry Swope

This online course introduces students to the art and craft of digital photography as a means for visual storytelling.  Students will learn to create thoughtful digital images using whatever digital camera they have available (camera phone, point and shoot or digital SLR) and learn to edit and manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop or other free professional quality editing software.   While assignments will span a range of genres, emphasis will placed on documentary photography.


MU 247 History of Rock (online) – Professor William Ellis
This course examines the historical, social, cultural, and musical forces that contributed to the emergence and subsequent development and impact of rock and roll as an enduring form of popular music. Performers, genres, song and style analysis, regional distinctions, and more are addressed with contextual depth and nuance.

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC: Historical Studies

CORE: Literature and the Arts


PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy (online) – Professor Patrick Standen
The course both shows the student the nature and value of philosophical inquiry, using only primary texts such as Plato’s dialogues and other major philosophical writings, and, at the same time, invites the student to become personally philosophical by developing their own way of seeing the meaning and value of things. One way of coming to see how deeply human and profoundly personal the questions of meaning and value examined in philosophy are, is by coming to understand how they would remain unanswered even if some day we were able to answer all the questions of the sciences.

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC or CORE: Philosophical Questions

Political Science

PO 220 Politics of the World Economy (online) – Professor Shefali Misra
An examination of power conflict at the international economic level and its impact on the politics of various states, regions and interests. Topics include the politics of trade, aid, debt, multinational corporations, and the globalization of the world economy.

For Saint Michael’s College students: Please note, this course will meet the PO 355 alternate requirement for IR majors.

LSC: Global Issues


PS 110 Lifespan Development (online) – Professor Melissa Vanderkaay Tomasulo
Students will gain understanding of the development of human individuals through physical, cognitive, and socioemotional components from conception to death.  Theoretical and experimental approaches will be examined, and emphasis will be placed on applying these principles to relationships and situations across one’s lifespan.  The nature-nurture debate will also be addressed.


PS 252 Child Development (online) – Professor Renee Carrico
An introduction to the basic principles of human growth and development from the prenatal period through middle childhood. Topics include physical, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and language development. The hereditary, psychological, and environmental influences on development will be considered, along with a variety of theoretical and experimental approaches to studying development. 

Pre-reqs: PS-101


PS 350 Psychology of Health and Illness (online) – Professor Melissa Vanderkaay Tomasulo
Theory and research regarding the biological, psychological, and social aspects of health and illness will be examined. The interrelationships of stress, emotion, and illnesses including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and immune dysfunction will be discussed. Students will complete a health genealogy project to improve his/her quality of life (physical and psychological).

Pre-reqs: PS-101 or PB-101 or BI-152 or Permission of Instructor; Psychology Majors/Minors and Neuroscience/Health Science/Public Health Majors Only

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC: Social and Institutional



SO 107 Social Problems (online) Professor Robert Brenneman

This course is focused on contemporary social problems, particularly on how issues come to be “public” issues and eventually defined as problems in need of resolution. Often taught from the “constructionist” perspective, the problems that receive the greatest attention range from year to year and professor to professor. Common problems include, poverty, stratification, prejudice and discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, violence, hunger, economic development and many other topics. As with Introduction to Sociology, this course focuses on the basic institutions of society.

For Saint Michael’s College students:

LSC or CORE: Social and Institutional Dimensions of Human Behavior/ History & Society AND Engaging Diverse Identities


SP 202 Spanish for Health Professions (2 credit, online)Professor America Gabriela Ochoa
This course seeks to help students become more fluent overall and ready to work in a Spanish-speaking context, particularly in a health-related professional setting. Students will also learn about different cultural perspectives on health and medicine in the Spanish-speaking world, as well as different public health and healthcare systems.