Course Catalog: Summer Session 2

Accelerated Summer College students can take up to two of the courses below, each course is worth four credits. Students should be advised that credits earned at Saint Michael’s College are transferable at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Accelerated Summer College Catalog – Summer Session 2: July 5 – August 12. All courses are 100% online and asynchronous. 

Applied Linguistics

AL 101 Introduction to Language and Linguistics – Professor April Shandor
This course provides an introduction to the nature and structure of human language, as well as the basic methods of its scientific study. The course is framed in terms of four guiding questions: what are the components of the language system; how do we acquire this system; how is this system used in society; and how is this system represented in the brain.

CORE: History & Society

Business Administration

BU 111 Excel and Business Metrics  –Professor Karen Popovich

The first part of this course introduces students to the role of information technology and information systems in formal organizations. Includes the study of the use of information technology to build efficient and effective information systems. Focuses on development of information systems that provide meaningful information for management decision making. This course will have a project, focused on Excel, to analyze and organize data that in turn is used to inform decision-making for a real organization.

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The second part of our course will be exploring mobile apps.  The average person uses their smartphone or tablet 5 hours per day and some sources report that adults spend 12 hours a day consuming electronic media via multiple devices and computers.  We will research and explore mobile apps relevant for management and leadership in today’s data and thought-driven economy.  Students will learn to evaluate apps through use, analysis, discussion, and presentation.
US Adults Now Spend 12 Hours 7 Minutes a Day Consuming Media by eMarketer, May 2017

BU 214 Management  Professor Karen Popovich

This survey course covers the basic principles and management fundamentals of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Topics covered include leadership, group dynamics, team management, motivation, and communication skills.

Restrictions: AC/BU Majors and Minors and IS Majors Only.

BU-103, BU-113, AC-141 or AC-143 – Must be completed prior to taking this course.


CH 101 Concepts in Chemistry – Professor Christina Chant

The classical principles of chemistry, applied to modern-day science and technology. Possible topics include nutrition, food additives, drugs, nuclear power, plastics, and environmental problems. The laboratories provide students with the fundamentals of chemical experimentation, observations, and instrumentation, with an emphasis on everyday materials and experiences.

LSC: Scientific Reasoning
CORE: Scientific Inquiry

Environmental Science/Studies

ES 106 Environment & Society – Professor Trevien Stanger 
This course is a social science based investigation of the complex relationship between humans and their environment. The emphasis will be on both the impact people have on the environment in relation to social, economic and political contexts but also how environmental scarcity shapes human interactions. Important concepts such as ecosystems, resource, sustainable development, carrying capacity, climate change adaptation/mitigation and economic utility will be introduced as well as an overview of political economy, institutions for environmental governance and issues of ecological economics.


ID 498 Internship Practicum  – Professor Ingrid Peterson
The online Internship Practicum is designed to support the internship site experience and assist with the integration of learning from the theoretical to the practical by providing a means of reflection and learning. This course offers students the opportunity to share their internship experiences and concerns in a team setting and includes opportunities to develop personal and professional skills. Assignments and online discussions will be related to the internship experience. This course is open to students of all majors.


MU 247 History of Rock  – Professor William Ellis 
This course examines the historical, social, cultural, and musical forces that contributed to the emergence and subsequent development and impact of rock and roll as an enduring form of popular music. Performers, genres, song and style analysis, regional distinctions, and more are addressed with contextual depth and nuance.

LSC: Historical Studies
CORE: Literature & The Arts

Public Health

PB 101 Introduction to Public Health – Professor TBA

This course provides an introduction to the field of public health. Students will learn of the connectivity of public health and health care and the roles of personal behavior, social determinants, race, ethnicity, and income. Students will learn about prevention, protection and health promotion, as well as the domestic and global implications of public health.

Political Science

PO 245 International Relations  – Professor Jeffrey Ayres
This course introduces students to the study of international relations, focusing especially on the interactions between states and non-state actors in the international environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding the major theoretical approaches to international relations, and applying them to consider enduring and contemporary issues and problems in international affairs.

LSC: Global Issues
CORE: History & Society

PO 286 Politics of the World Economy  – Professor Shefali Misra
An examination of power conflict at the international economic level and its impact on the politics of various states, regions and interests. Topics include the politics of trade, aid, debt, multinational corporations, and the globalization of the world economy.

For Saint Michael’s College students: Please note, this course will meet the PO 355 alternate requirement for IR majors.


PS 101 General Psychology  – Professor Melissa McDuffie
An introduction to the field of psychology, its methods, major perspectives, theories, and area specialties, with emphasis on the normal adult human being. The course explores basic psychological areas such as biopsychology, perception, learning, motivation, developmental, personality, social, abnormal, and therapies.

PS 250 Social Psychology – Professor Sarah Nosek 

This course focuses on individuals and how their thoughts and behaviors are influenced by the presence, real or imagined, of others. This is a departmental survey course that will include topics such as the self, social cognition, social influence, group dynamics, prejudice, attraction, helping behavior, aggression and conflict.

Pre-reqs: PS 101 or SO 101


ST 120 Elementary Statistics – Professor Warren Sides
Description of sample data; probability distributions including the Normal distribution; correlation and regression; sampling; hypothesis testing; statistical inference; other topics may include Chi-square tests, multiple regression, and ANOVA.

LSC or CORE: Quantitative Reasoning

Religious Studies 

RS 120 Christianity Past and Present – Professor Eva Pascal 
A survey of Christianity, its origins and major periods in its historical development, the character of its faith in God and in the person of Jesus Christ, and theological and ethical perspectives it offers on contemporary issues of moral choice and human community

LSC or CORE: Study of Christian Traditions and Thought