Graduate Certificates

Saint Michael’s College offers a collection of graduate-level and professional development certificates in a variety of subjects. Take advantage of the College’s reputation for providing a premier learning environment and options for online and distance learning to expand your knowledge, improve professional skills and help your community.

Check out the options below for post-graduate certificates.


Racial Equity & Educational Justice Graduate Certificate Program

A 12-credit, fully online, graduate certificate program, the Racial Equity & Educational Justice (REEJ) Graduate Certificate Program aims to help educators develop the content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and intersectional lens necessary to provide more equitable and inclusive schooling experiences for all students.

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Health Equity Graduate Certificate

An online educational opportunity for career professionals, college graduates, and community members contemplating further graduate study.  The Saint Michael’s Health Equity Certificate aims to provide cutting-edge knowledge and best practices for students interested in public health and health equity.

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Holistic Restorative Education Certificate

The Holistic Restorative Education Certificate seeks to guide educators on how we shift education to a more human-centered practice whose success as a whole is dependent on the wellness of all its members.

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Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (C.A.G.S.) is a post-master’s level certificate that allows a graduate student to pursue an area of concentration within our Graduate Education Program.

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Graduate TESOL Certificate

Not sure you want to complete a full TESOL Master’s Degree but still want the core skills? The Graduate Certificate in TESOL is an option within the full MA in TESOL program.

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*Federal financial aid is only available for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.