Graduate Education

Why graduate education at Saint Michael’s College?

We, as teacher educators, educators, and leaders, commit to work toward creating equitable and just systems by dismantling inequitable and oppressive educational policies and structures, in that:

We are change agents committed to antiracism, equity, and educational justice. 

We use culturally sustaining pedagogy to critically examine ourselves and promote educational justice. We support educators and school leaders to identify and disrupt white supremacy in school systems.

We are educators focused on creating sustainable communities and schools. 

We are equipped with the understanding, skills, and dispositions needed to participate in and lead diverse learning communities.  We see education as a process to engage learners in local and global challenges, promoting economic viability as well as environmental and community health. 

We are passionate and curious scholars.

We skillfully use research and analytical skills to identify the most promising socially, culturally, and developmentally responsive practices to support equitable learning. We aim to inspire engagement, critical thinking, and curiosity in our learners. We practice empathy to create inclusive and dynamic learning communities.

We are creative, integrative, and holistic educators.

We are adept at both discipline-based and integrative teaching and learning, using emerging technologies, socially interactive pedagogies, and holistic approaches to support academic, social and emotional engagement. We co-create curriculum, personalize learning opportunities, and support our learners to meet the diverse needs of an increasingly multiracial and multicultural society.

We are reflective and contemplative practitioners.

We examine ourselves, our histories, and our academic endeavors, studying and reflecting upon our own biases. Understanding the connection between intellectual and social-emotional growth, we empower learners to gain self-knowledge, assume responsibility for their own learning, and honor cultural identities. We model balancing action with reflection to stay centered and purposeful in our lives.

A Professor talks to students in a Graduate Education classroom.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Interested in getting a teaching license? The Master of Arts in Teaching program (MAT) provides an innovative and intensive program that attracts bright and passionate candidates.

A student presents his project during a Masters in Education class at Saint Michael's College.

Master of Education

Want to deepen your knowledge of education? Students can choose a concentration in Arts, Curriculum, Literacy, School Leadership, or Special Education in our highly respected M.Ed. program.

Students experiment during a Graduate Education course over the summer at Saint Michael's College.

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (C.A.G.S.) is a post-master's level certificate that allows a graduate student to pursue an area of concentration.

Students work on a project in a Graduate Education course at Saint Michael's College.

Additional Endorsements

Looking to add an additional endorsement to your teaching license? Choose from programs such as special education, reading specialist and principal endorsements.