Master of Arts in Clinical-Counseling Psychology

The Clinical-Counseling Psychology prepares students for careers in mental health practice at the masters-level.

As a program, we strive to promote empathy, self-reflection, cultural humility, and an appreciation for human strengths. We work to increase our sensitivity and responsiveness to the role of discrimination and marginalization, particularly as these impact individual and community mental health and well-being. In collaboration with other professionals, we strive to be agents of positive social change.

Our curriculum integrates science and practice, enabling our students to be informed consumers of psychological research, who can critically evaluate and apply empirical knowledge.

Full-time students may complete the program in two years. Part-time students may extend their time to complete the program in three or four years.

Historically, our graduates have pursued one of two licensure routes in Vermont—either as a Psychologist-Master or as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Many graduates who have moved outside of Vermont have obtained licensure in other states, however, prospective students who anticipate practicing in a different state should consult professional licensure laws to assure our program aligns with other states’ requirements.

Flexibility – study full or part-time in the evenings

Upon graduating, our students go on to professional positions in a variety of settings: child and adult services units of community mental health centers; not-for-profit outpatient and residential services for youth and their families; college and school counseling offices; correctional and social service agencies; community hospital behavioral health programs; and private practices.

“I have literally looked back on my decision to do this work and feel so fulfilled at being able to make a real difference in people’s lives. If the idea of helping others excites you, go for it!”

Kristin Mount M'16

From Our Alumni

Luke Heath M’20

“The Clinical Psych program is best fit for people who have passion for striving to understand the complexity of life and what it takes to heal.  The Clinical Psych program will provide freedom to pursue the areas of human experience that most interest you.  Through this process, one naturally gains a better understanding of who they are.  So in taking seriously the program’s content and direction, the aspiring clinician will learn about human growth and insight through first hand experience.  No other experience is as powerful as this.”

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"What Saint Michael’s offered was a very holistic and integrative program that made you think for yourself in a lot of ways around what kind of clinician you want to be.”