Certificate and Professional Endorsement Programs

Saint Michael’s is proud to offer alternative learning platforms for students to enhance career-ready skills. The college offers a wide-range of professional endorsement and certificate programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as non-academic credit professional certifications.

Professional Endorsement Programs

Microsoft Office Specialist

Saint Michael’s College is an Authorized Certiport Testing Center. Students of the college are able to take certification exams in the following Microsoft Office Specialist products: Excel 2016, Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Outlook 2016, Access 2016, OneNote 2013, and SharePoint 2013.

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Emergency Management (undergraduate)

A four-course certification process that helps students learn how to operate during a crisis while also earning a Saint Michael’s College Certification, a Federal Emergency Management Agency: Professional Development Series certification, and meet the academic requirement of the Vermont EMD certificate. This certificate is for both students of the college and external members of the community.

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Adventure Sports Coaching

Saint Michael’s loves to find ways to challenge you. Our program is accessible to all Saint Michael’s students (undergraduate and graduate). The program is also open to community members who hold an undergraduate degree and are interested in expanding or consolidating their professional credentials.

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Emergency Management (working professionals)

The Emergency Management (EM) for Professionals program is designed to educate and involve area professionals in all fields in emergency management and disaster mitigation. Additionally, the curriculum will develop students’ skills and training in leadership and community engagement, enhancing their ability to provide service to those affected by disaster.

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Graduate Certificates

Education: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study

A post-master’s level certificate that allows a graduate student to pursue an area of concentration within the Graduate Education Program.

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Graduate Certificate in TESOL

Not sure you want to complete a full TESOL Master’s Degree, but still want the core skills? The Graduate Certificate in TESOL is an option with the full MA in TESOL program. Students who do not wish to pursue a Master’s Degree or have special training objectives in mind may find that this program best fits their needs.

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Graduate Certificate in Health Equity

The Saint Michael’s College Health Equity Graduate Certificate is an online educational opportunity for career professionals, college graduates contemplating further graduate study and community members interested in the timely and urgent challenge of health equity. Working within the College’s Public Health program, the certificate is rooted the College’s commitment for bettering our world and an academic tradition of interdisciplinary work, giving students an ideal place to engage in the inquiry and action needed for success in public health and health equity.

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Holistic Restorative Education

This year-long, 12-credit graduate program is designed for educators, specialists and leaders who want to build the skills, understanding, awareness and capacity to support those needs, on a personal and systemic level. The Holistic Restorative Education Certificate Program seeks to be restorative for its participants by shifting how we do education to a more human-centered practice whose success as a whole is dependent on the wellness of all its members.

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Professional Certificates (Non-Academic Credit)

Online, Self-Paced Professional Courses and Certificates

Saint Michael’s College has partnered with Mindedge Learning to offer a comprehensive catalog of professional development courses and certificates. These on-demand, self-paced courses on a range of today’s most urgent business topics, deliver content through video, interactive exercises, learning assessments, and simulation technology to help you learn.

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