Pi Mu Epsilon Lectures

The Annual Pi Mu Epsilon Lectures

October 20, 2023

Dr. Cornelia Mihaila, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Saint Michael’s College
How to Measure a Fractal

October 28, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Crodelle, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Middlebury College
Exploring Synchrony in the Brain Through Mathematical Modeling

October 22, 2021

Dr. Lloyd Simons, Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Saint Michael’s College
Riemann Surfaces, Covering Spaces, and Dessins d’Enfants

October 16, 2020
Dr. Daryl Deford, Assistant Professor of Data Analytics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Washington State University
Graphs, Geometry, and Gerrymandering

October 11, 2019
Dr. Brittany Baker ’11, Ph.D. University of Minnesota
How Network Structure Influences Neuronal Activity

October 26, 2018
Dr. Sarah Hamilton ’07, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Marquette University.
The Mathematics of Medical Imaging

October 20, 2017
Dr. Jeffrey Dinitz, Williams Professor of Mathematics, University of Vermont;
Thinking Deeply about Numbers in Boxes: Sudoku, Latin Squares, Room Squares and Tournaments

September 30, 2016
Dr. David Bressoud, DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics at Macalester College; former President of the Mathematical Association of America;
Proofs and Confirmations: The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture

November 6, 2015
Dr. George Ashline, Professor of Mathematics, Saint Michael’s College; Exploring the Famous Problems from Antiquity: Angle Trisection, Cube Duplication, and Squaring the Circle.

October 10, 2014
Dr. Philip Yates, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Saint Michael’s College;
&#%!@? – Censoring and the Analysis of Partially Known Data

October 11, 2013
Dr. Richard Cleary; Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Mathematics and Science Division, Babson College
Some Non-Standard Applications of Mathematics to Sports

October 8, 2012
Dr. Liz McMahon, Lafayette College; Mathematics in the Game of SET

September 23, 2011
Dr. Frank Morgan, Atwell Professor of Mathematics, Williams College; Vice-President, American Mathematical Society; Soap Bubbles and Mathematics

October 1, 2010
Dr. Thomas Hull, Professor of Mathematics, Western New England College; Origami-Math is in Creasing

October 2, 2009
Dr. Joanna Ellis-Monaghan, Professor of Mathematics, Saint Michael’s College; Graph-Theoretical Design Strategies for DNA Nanostrutures

October 24, 2008
Dr. John Voight, Professor of Mathematics, University of Vermont; Escher and the Droste Effect

October 12, 2007
Dr. Christopher Danforth, Professor of Mathematics, University of Vermont; Chaos and the Mathematics of Prediction: Harry Potter, Hurricane Katrina, and Happiness

October 30, 2006
Dr. Peter Otto, Professor of Mathematics, Willamette University; Modeling Forest Fires with Percolation Theory

October 24, 2005
Dr. Rebecca Mercuri; President and Chief Technical Officer, Notable Software; E-voting expert; E-Voting: Perils and Promises

September 25, 2004
Saint Michael’s College Centennial Celebration Brian Adams ’99; Doctoral Candidate, Center for Research in Scientific Computation; Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University; Using Mathematics to Explore HIV Treatment Strategies, Smart Materials, and More

October 17, 2003
Dr. Steven Abbot, Professor of Mathematics, Middlebury College; A Brief History of Integration: From Cauchy to Riemann to Lebesgue… to Riemann

April 5, 2003
Chapter Installation Dr. Herman Servatius, Professor of Mathematics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; A Leisurely Stroll through the Museum of Many Dimensions