Purposeful Learning: Objectives & Accomplishments

Devise and enhance programmatic strategies that engage all Saint Michael’s students, from their initial interest as prospective students to their day-to-day campus experiences as active and broad learners and on through their lifelong connection as alumni. 

Specifically, we will: 

  • Tightly integrate high-quality academic opportunities and meaningful co-curricular programming that give students a sense of purpose: to make a positive impact in the world, both as students and as graduates 
    • Accomplishment: April, 2022: Heidi St. Peter hired as Director of Purposeful Learning. 
    • Accomplishment: Created and launched the first of two 8-week Introduction to Purposeful Learning courses for all first-year students. These courses are meant to ease the transition to college, engage students in the community, and begin their pursuit of purpose and consider social impact in small and large ways. 
  • Create and invest in Centers for Social Impact that model College-wide priorities, including the environment and sustainability, global engagement, and equity and justice 
  • Expand career pathways and programs that meet every student’s needs, set them in the direction of their dreams, and connect more of our valued and accomplished alumni directly to our promising students 
    • Accomplishments: Fall 2022— 
      • Developed a BootCamp program for students to enhance professional skills in résumés, profiles, attire, and networking 
      • Offered multiple alumni panels on topics ranging from law to education to sports & outdoor recreation 
  • Provide each student with an integrated advisory support system throughout their Saint Michael’s experience and beyond 
    • Accomplishment: June, 2022: the College hired its first three Success Advisors, Katie Barry ’19, Lou DiMasi and Vernita Weller. 
  • Identify areas of needed growth and support in existing academic programs 
  • Establish a modern media studio that applies cutting-edge technology and innovative personnel to expand student opportunities and add dynamic content to College marketing simultaneously 
    • Accomplishment: September, 2022: The Media Content Creation Center/Media Creation Studio, located in St. Edmund’s Hall, opened its doors
  • Build an integrated residential health education program for students that fosters personal development and community resilience for lifelong habits of wellness 
    • Accomplishment: Fall, 2022: The addition of a Wellness Coordinator has allowed us to broaden the scope of our services to students.