The Forgotten Lineage(s): Paleobiology of Paranthropus

This page provides preprints of chapters from the upcoming monograph Paleobiology of Paranthropus: The Forgotten Lineage(s), edited by Paul Constantino, Kaye Reed, and Bernard Wood. The final volume will be published by Springer as part of their book series Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology (series eds. Eric Delson and Eric Sargis). This monograph is based on a 2018 symposium held in Austin, Texas as part of the 87th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

The manuscripts linked here have been peer-reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication by the editors. Final formatting and editing will be conducted by Springer before official publication.

All manuscripts included here are citable as “approved by volume editors” using the following example:

Grine, F.E. and Wood, B.A. Approved by volume editors. The Fossil Evidence for Paranthropus: History of Discovery and Interpretation, chapter 1 in Paleobiology of Paranthropus: The Forgotten Lineage(s). (P.J. Constantino, K.E. Reed, B.A. Wood, eds.). Springer, Cham, Switzerland.

Part I. History

The Fossil Evidence of Paranthropus: History of discovery and interpretation
Frederick E. Grine and Bernard A. Wood

Part II. Fossil Evidence

Bernard A. Wood

The craniodental evidence of Paranthropus (with appendix listing complete craniodental hypodigm).
Paul J. Constantino, Frederick E. Grine, and Bernard A. Wood

The role of DNH 7, a female Australopithecus robustus skull, in illuminating the evolutionary history of the robust australopiths.
Yoel Rak, William H. Kimbel, Colin Menter, and Charles A. Lockwood

The role of selection in shaping the cranio-mandibular morphology of Paranthropus.
Nomawethu Hlazo, Terrence R. Ritzman, Lauren Schroeder, and Rebecca R. Ackermann

Brain size and shape in Paranthropus.
Ralph Holloway, Abigail Colby and Amelie Beaudet

The dentition of Paranthropus robustus: insights from the analysis of the Drimolen specimens.
Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi

Below the crown: examining interspecies variation in postcanine enamel thickness, EDJ, and root form in the Paranthropus clade.
Matthew M. Skinner, Shara E. Bailey, Philipp Gunz, William H. Kimbel, Zeresenay Alemseged, Lucas K Delezene, Colin Menter, Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi, and Kornelius Kupczik

Paranthropus: A Pleistocene postcranial puzzle.
Michael R. Lague and Carol V. Ward

Body size and shape in Paranthropus.
Mark Grabowski et al.

Part III. Contextual Evidence

Kaye E. Reed

Geology and uranium-lead (U-Pb) dating of the South African Paranthropus-bearing cave deposits.
Robyn Pickering and Tara R. Edwards

A geological context for Paranthropus in eastern Africa.
Craig S. Feibel

Paranthropus paleoenvironments in South Africa.
Christine Steininger

Paranthropus paleoenvironments based on micromammal assemblages.
Jennifer Leichliter and Matt Sponheimer

Isotopic ecology of Paranthropus in East Africa.
David Patterson and Thure Cerling

Reconstructing habitats among Paranthropus species: Vegetation and climate differences.
Amy L. Rector, Kelsey D. O’Neill, Irene E. Smail, and Kaye E. Reed

Climate change and Paranthropus evolution.
Peter DeMenocal

A return to woody cover during the extirpation of Paranthropus boisei in the Turkana Basin, Kenya.
Rhonda L. Quinn and Christopher J. Lepre

Paranthropus FAD and LAD estimates
Andrew Du, John Rowan, Bernard Wood

Part IV. Behavioral Inference

Paul Constantino

Mechanical perspectives on the diet(s) and dietary adaptations of Paranthropus.
David S. Strait

An osteocyte’s perspective on Paranthropus facial morphology.
David J. Daegling

Dental indicators of Paranthropus tooth function.
Paul J. Constantino and Peter S. Ungar

Dietary abrasiveness due to silica phytoliths in foods: a possible key line of evidence in understanding the diets of Paranthropus.
Diana Rabenold and Osbjorn Pearson

Isotopic dietary variability distinguishes East African Paranthropus boisei from South African P. robustus.
Julia A. Lee-Thorp and Scott Blumenthal

The dentition and paleodiet of Paranthropus boisei in light of Pleistocene African ungulates.
Tyler Faith and Bernard Wood

Paranthropus the tool maker: a survey of the evidence.
Dave Braun

Paranthropus life history: A primate perspective.
Kevin Kuykendall

Behavioral biology of baboons and its utility for understanding the paleobiology of Paranthropus.
Larissa Swedell

Part V. Systematics and Biogeography

Bernard A. Wood

The phylogenetic relationships of robust australopiths.
David S. Strait, Carrie S. Mongle, and Frederick E. Grine

Paranthropus at Laetoli and its implications for the origins of the genus.
Terry Harrison

Plio-Pleistocene cercopithecoid evolution and biogeography: a contemporaneous comparison with Paranthropus.
Christopher C. Gilbert and Stephen R. Frost

The biogeography of Paranthropus and other mammalian taxa.
Kaye E. Reed, Irene E. Smail, Christine Steininger, and Amy L. Rector

Understanding Paranthropus through the lens of bovid evolution.
John Rowan and Faysal Bibi

Part VI. Synthesis

The Forgotten Lineage(s): A summary perspective on the paleobiology of Paranthropus.
Bernard A. Wood, Kaye E. Reed, Paul J. Constantino