Jacqueline Lalla '17

    Jacqueline Lalla ’17

    Current job title and employer and briefly describe what it is you do: I teach ENL (English as a New Language) and Algebra II (I am the special education teacher in a co-taught classroom) at Unity Prep Charter School of Brooklyn in New York.

    Academic experience at Saint Michael's College help prepare you for your career: I speak Spanish every day and I often translate/interpret for my school! I studied education, which prepared me for my career!

    Favorite memory or class from your time studying at St. Mike’s: My Latin American film class taught by Diego was an excellent course. I enjoyed it very much, as I took this course while student teaching. It gave me a lot of ideas about how to incorporate different modes of media into my Spanish lessons.

    Completed or are completing a graduate program, please provide the name of the degree and institution: Hunter College, Adolescent Special Education Generalist 7-12 (projected graduation December 2023).

    Translated your volunteer experience at Saint Michael’s into giving back to your community after graduation: I often give back to my community in Brooklyn. I volunteer at my school for different community events.

    Other information you would like to share or advice for incoming or current students: Take advantage of any opportunity to learn a new skill! Learning new skills can provide you with plenty of new opportunities!