Residence Fees

All St. Mike’s students are required to live on campus unless they live locally with their family. We have a range of residence options whose fees are based on housing type, meal plan and amenities. Our traditional residence halls which house most first-year students along with the Residence Hall Suites and Quad Commons all include the full, unlimited meal plan.

For Seniors and Juniors, townhouses, apartments and the new residence hall feature a shared living room and full kitchen, and are priced to include a reduced number of meals (40 per semester), though students may upgrade to an unlimited plan if they choose.

The table below indicates rates for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021.

Housing Type Cost (2 semesters) Included Meals* Available To
Residence Hall 4 $12,580 Reduced

(40-block plan)

Seniors, Juniors
Townhouse/Apt. Singles

TH 101-106

TH 200s

TH 300s

TH 400s

Hodson Hall

$11,950 Reduced

(40-block plan)

Seniors, Juniors
Townhouse/Apt. Doubles

Townhouses 107-112  

Double Rooms Located in 6 Person Townhouses

$11,000 Reduced

(40-block plan)

Seniors, Juniors
Aubin Hall              $15,860 Unlimited Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores
Residence Hall Suites

Cashman Hall

Pontigny Hall

Canterbury Hall

$15,300 Unlimited Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, First year students in GREAT and GEAR
Traditional Residence Halls

Alumni Hall

$14,280 Unlimited Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores

Ryan Hall

$14,280 Unlimited Sophmores, First-years

Lyons Hall

$14,280 Unlimited First-years only

Learn more about our residence facilities, or about joining one of St. Mike’s housing communities.

For information about financial aid and payment, visit

*Students on the reduced 40-Block meal plan have the option to upgrade to the unlimited meal option by completing and returning this form to .  The College reserves the right to change meal plans as deemed appropriate. Any meals remaining at the end of each semester will be cleared and are not transferable.