Residence Fees

All St. Mike’s students are required to live on campus unless they live locally with their family. We have a range of residence options whose fees are based on housing type, meal plan and amenities. Our traditional residence halls which house most first-year students along with the Residence Hall Suites and Quad Commons all include the full, unlimited meal plan.

For Seniors and Juniors, townhouses, apartments and the new residence hall feature a shared living room and full kitchen, and are priced to include a reduced number of meals (40 per semester), though students may upgrade to an unlimited plan if they choose.

The table below indicates rates for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021.

Housing Type Cost (2 semesters) Included Meals* Available To
Residence Hall 4 $11,980 Reduced

(40-block plan)

Seniors, Juniors
Townhouse/Apt. Singles

TH 101-106

TH 200s

TH 300s

TH 400s

Hodson Hall

$11,380 Reduced

(40-block plan)

Seniors, Juniors
Townhouse/Apt. Doubles

Townhouses 107-112  

Double Rooms Located in 6 Person Townhouses

$10,475 Reduced

(40-block plan)

Seniors, Juniors
Aubin Hall              $15,105 Unlimited Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores
Residence Hall Suites

Cashman Hall

Pontigny Hall

Canterbury Hall

$14,570 Unlimited Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, First year students in GREAT and GEAR
Traditional Residence Halls

Alumni Hall

$13,600 Unlimited Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores

Ryan Hall

$13,600 Unlimited Sophmores, First-years

Lyons Hall

$13,600 Unlimited First-years only

Learn more about our residence facilities, or about joining one of St. Mike’s housing communities.

For information about financial aid and payment, visit

*Students on the reduced 40-Block meal plan have the option to upgrade to the unlimited meal option by visiting the Student Life Office in Alliot 103 to complete the necessary paperwork. The College reserves the right to change meal plans as deemed appropriate. Any meals remaining at the end of each semester will be cleared and are not transferable.