What to Bring

First of all, think green! The environment is important to St. Mike’s so do your best to bring reusable items and talk to your roommate ahead of time so you don’t have more than one fridge, microwave or TV in your room. You can’t paint the walls or make permanent changes to your room but otherwise, your creativity is the limit to how you personalize your space.


For Your Desk

lamp / tape / scissors / stapler / pens / pencils / markers / calendar / Compact Florescent Light (CFL) bulbs




For Your Laundry

laundry bag / basket / environmentally friendly detergent / fabric softener / drying rack / iron / ironing board / hangers


For Your Bed

blankets / comforter / pillows / bed lifters / egg crate pad / mattress pad / sheets


For Your Storage Trunk

hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, thumb tacks) needle and thread / umbrella


For Communication

white board / dry-erase marker / addresses / phone numbers


For Your Walls

mirrors / posters / collages / tapestries

first aid

For Emergencies

first aid supplies


For Your Electrical Outlets

alarm clock / power strip / extension cord / window fan


For Your Food

small refrigerator / low-voltage microwave / can opener / hot pot (Energy-Star certified) / dishes / utensils / sponge / environmentally friendly dish soap / reusable water bottle (bottled water is not sold on campus)


For Your Person

towels / shampoo / conditioner / razors / soap / toothbrush / toothpaste / floss / carrying case / flip flops or other shower shoes


Saint Michael’s students should consider themselves global learners, and therefore we encourage all students to bring a valid passport with them to campus. If you don’t yet have a valid passport, we encourage you to apply for one as soon as possible. Saint Michael’s has many opportunities for student travel as part of coursework and through special programs, and having a passport with you will make these trips much more feasible. From a weekend in Montreal with your French class to a week rock-climbing in Mexico with the Wilderness Program to an international study course in Bhutan or a service trip to India, you can see the world over the course of your four years.

Click here for more information about how to apply for a passport.

Leave Home

None of the following items are allowed in any residence:

candles / halogen lights / lava lamps / cinder blocks / animals/pets (cats, dogs, fish, lizards, etc.) / glass bottles / air conditioners / incense / exterior holiday lights / hot tubs / waterbeds / kerosene or electric space heaters