Undergraduate Professional Endorsements

Show prospective employers you know and can do more!

Enhance your degree

The Undergraduate Professional Endorsement Program at Saint Michael’s College aims to provide you with opportunities to prepare yourself for the workforce, gain professional experience, and receive credentials in areas of interest–setting you up by setting you apart. Your success after graduation will depend on what you learned, but also whether you can set yourself apart from other candidates. 

You can earn certifications in areas like Sports Coaching, Emergency/Rescue, Diversity & Inclusion, and Organizational Leadership to enhance your marketability and your future career.  As a candidate for a UPE, you will take courses, develop a work portfolio, and learn professional skills to apply in your positions after graduation.  


  • You set yourself apart. Job candidates who have additional credentials have an advantage over other candidates–even when that credential does not directly relate to the position, it is evidence of an eager and capable learner.
  • You get to pursue a passion or sample an interestYou will get to learn and apply your learnings in areas that you have a passion or interest in, potentially helping you define your future career interest. It is also an easy way to explore an area you are not sure about.
  • You will learn to clearly articulate your strengths. You will learn how your liberal arts education, together with a professional credential makes you a more valuable employee and be able to articulate that to potential employers.
  • You will learn transferable skills. No matter the focus area you select, you will be able to incorporate subject matter from diferrent areas, understand organizational management, professionalism, and leadership.
  • You will graduate with the tools to excel in a job search. Working closely with the Career Services team and its Career Readiness Program, you will build a resume and LinkedIn profile that tells potential employers your value. 

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Endorsement Areas

The Adventure Sports Coaching certification allows students their outdoor recreation interests into a badge that showcases their strength in leadership, critical thinking, risk assessment, and professional judgment. Students who have earned this endorsement have explored core coaching processes, fundamental coaching skills and strategies, all while developing professional skills that make them attractive to future employers.

Earning Criteria


The Emergency Medical Services endorsement allows students to showcase their experience with the Saint Michael’s Fire and Rescue squads, EMT knowledge and skill and develop skills for future work in emergency medical services.

Earning this certification will help to help to highlight the skills, tools and knowledge that a student can bring to a workplace, graduate school or any professional context.

Earning Criteria

Do you have experience as an RA? Did you serve in student government or on the board of a club? Those experiences help students develop strong leadership skills, something that they can turn into an Undergraduate Professional Endorsement Leadership badge. In addition to practical experience, students will gain specific knowledge on leadership theory.

Earning Criteria

If you participate in the MOVE program, you can turn that experience into a resume builder. Students who earn the Non-Profit Management endorsement will show knowledge of volunteer development, grant writing and fundraising, as well as leadership. These qualities can help build a resume and appeal to potential employers.

Earning Criteria

Take advantage of your co-curricular activities and enhance your resume with an Organizational Management endorsement. With three extra courses – along with co-curricular leadership experience – you can add the badge to your resume and make yourself look more appealing to those hiring.

Earning Criteria



With over 25 percent of Saint Michael’s students participating in varsity sports, some Purple Knights have a great chance to beef up their resume with a Sports Coaching endorsement. Athletic participation, along with coaching development and certifications, can help add examples of strong leadership and professional training as students start building a resume and looking for professional opportunities.

Earning Criteria

If you have worked for the College’s Center for the Environment, have some experience working on the Farm or have a general interest in sustainability, you can work towards an endorsement in Sustainable Management. Student will learn how resources can be managed to achieve outcomes without compromising future generations. These lessons can help you earn a badge that makes your resume stand out.

Earning Criteria

Change is complex. No matter the professional context, effective organizational leaders possess the skills and knowledge to lead a team through change. In addition, they can manage conflict and mitigate its impact on achieving intended outcomes. If you are interested in developing this skill set and applying it in various professional contexts on campus, consider an Undergraduate Professional Endorsement in Managing Change and Resolving Conflict.

Earning Criteria 

How it works

Students must be engaged in a co-curricular area such as Athletics, Adventure Sports, MOVE, the Student Government Association, Multicultural Student Affairs, Residence Life, Fire/Rescue, or other co-curricular areas are eligible for participation in the UPE program. Once a student has identified a UPE track they must participate in the UPE core curriculum which includes, an introductory course and capstone course. In between these courses students participate in a highly individualized development track which can include additional academic course work, training/certification through national certifying organizations, and e-learning. While each track is individualized, coursework and credentials have been vetted for quality assurance and professional relevance. 

How to get your endorsement

Professional Endorsement Introductory Course

  • One 2-credit course: Professionalism: Theory and Skills for a Global Workplace

Academic Course Work

  • One 4-credit course or combined courses equaling 4 credits, or approved MindEdge course/s that provide discipline-specific, underpinning theory.

Certification, Credentialling, Badging

  • Obtain a relevant, vetted, and accessible (timely/cost effective) certification or credential from a national awarding body, organization, or agency.
  • In areas where certification and credentials do not exist, or they are prohibitive for full-time undergraduates, use badging currently available at SMC.
  • A digital credential network for professional development and higher education. Learn more at https://info.credly.com/.

Professional Endorsement Portfolio Course

  • 2-Credit course: Developing a Professional Portfolio
  • Practicum
    • 20 hours of structured practicum.

Learn More

For more information, contact Director of the Undergraduate Professional Endorsement Program:

Todd Johnstone-Wright, MSc., M.Ed.