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Knight Card Uses 
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The Knight Card is your Saint Michael's College Photo ID.  It also serves as your campus meal plan card, your CCTA bus pass, and is a proximity card used to open exterior doors on campus.

The Knight Card also operates as a declining debit balance account for use on campus as well as over 100 locations off campus.   Our laundry system operates on a swipe system that accepts the Knight Card as the only form of payment.  For deposit information, please review the "Making Deposits" tab.

Signing up on the WebCard Center allows you to view the activity of the accounts on your card, as well as, checking your balances.  Features of the WebCard Center include: 

  • Account balances – declining debit balance and meal plans
  • Spending history
  • Flag your lost Knight Card
  • Remove flag if found
  • View laundry machine availability (at participating locations only)
  • Reserve washers and dryers (at participating locations only)
  • Notification of wash/dry completion by email or text
  • Optimized for Smartphone usage

If your card is lost or stolen, log into your Web Card center where you have the option to de-activate your card as well as reactive it should you find it.  If you have a problem deactivating your Knight Card, you can call the Knight Card Office at 802.654.9500 during business hours, or the college switchboard after hours at 802.654.2000.

mwinter@smcvt.edu or sfleury@smcvt.edu

Knight Card Application

To apply for a Knight Card declining debit balance account, download the application and submit it to Knight Card Office, 207 Alliot Hall.

Hard copies of the application are also available in the Knight Card Office.

Knight Card On Campus Locations

  1. All Dining Locations
  2. Library
  3. Bookstore
  4. Campus Vending Machines
  5. Campus Laundry Facilities
  6. Farm Stand
  7. Athletic Department - Recreation Department
  8. Post Office
  9. Health Services
  10. Adventure Sports Center
  11. Public Safety

Knight Card Off Campus Locations

Where you can use your Knight Card off-campus? Just about anywhere...

Restaurant and Grocery Delivery Services


Al's French Frys - 862-6511, 1251 Williston Rd, South Burlington   

Buffalo Wild Wings - 489-5083, 555 Shelburne Rd, Burlington   

Chicken Charlies - 862-1211, 1160 Williston Rd, South Burlington      

Denny's Restaurant - 863-4000, 730 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington      

Dunkin Donuts - 865-8001, 80 Pearl St, Burlington 

Five Guys Burgers and Fries - 862-7575, 570 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington 

Five Guys Burlington - 863-2100, 49 Church Street, Burlington 

Henry's Diner -862-9010, 155 Bank St, Burlington     

New Moon Cafe - 383-1505, 150 Cherry St, Burlington 

Texas Road House - 288-1110, 225 Interstate Corp. Center, Williston     

Wings over Burlington - 863-9464, 150 Dorset St, South Burlington 


India House Restaurant - 862-7800, 207 Colchester Ave, Burlington 

Koto Restaurant - 660-8976, 792 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington 

Lee's Chinese Restaurant - 657-3218, 360 Dorset St, South Burlington 

Silver Palace - 864-0125, 1216 Williston Rd, South Burlington 


658-3333, 485 Colchester Ave, Burlington
658-5667, Swift St, S Burlington
878-1111, 19 Park St, Essex Junction

Ken's Pizza and Pub - 862-3335, 71 Church St, Burlington 

Leonardos Pizza
862-7700, 83 Pearl St, Burlington
951-9000, 1160 Williston Rd, South Burlington 

Mr. Mikes Pizza - 864-0072, 206 Main St, Burlington

Marcos Pizzeria - 658-5858, 1301 Williston Rd, South Burlington 

Papa John's - 652-5222, 135 Pearl St, Burlington

Piesanos - 862-1234, 176 Main St., Burlington 

Three Brothers Pizza - 655-5550, 973 Roosevelt Highway, Colchester

Sandwich Shops/Delis/Markets/Cafès

City Market - 863-3659, 82 South Winooski Ave, Burlington 

Commodities Natural Market - 497-0433, Winooski Falls, Winooski 

Healthy Living Natural Food Market and Cafè - 863-2569, 4 Market St, South Burlington 

Kampus Kitchen - 863-9105, 273 Colchester Ave, Burlington 

King's Corner Deli - 540-2552, 41 King St, Burlington 

Kountry Kart Deli - 863-4408, 155 Main St, Burlington 

My Little Cupcake - 660-9330, 217 College St, Burlington

Subway - 872-9669, 159 Pearl St, Essex Junction 

The Skinny Pancake - 540-0188, 60 Lake St, Burlington


Bueno Y Sano - 864-9900, 213 College St, Burlington 

Moe's Southwest Grill - 660-4900, 1150 Williston Rd, Burlington

New World Tortilla - 865-1058, 696 Pine Street, Burlington 


Automotive Services

Noyes Automotive & Tire - 864-6867, 777 Pine St, Burlington 


Ecco Clothes for Women and Men - 860-2220, 63 Church St, Burlington 

Monelle - 657-4074, 75 Church St, Burlington 

UVM Catamount Store - 46 Church St, Burlington  

Vermont Mattress Depot - 448-3669, 21 Adams Drive, Williston 

Convenience Store Gas Station/Deli Items

Champlain Farms
863-1998, 219 Main St, Burlington
860-5850, 801 Williston Rd, So. Burlington
863-6611, 1118 Williston Rd, So. Burlington
655-4336, 280 East Allen St, Winooski 

Chucks Mobil Mart - 655-0328, 298 East Allen St, Winooski 

Cumberland Farms Gas Station - 654-8573, 781 College Pkwy, Colchester 

Maplefields - 652-9051, 811 Williston Road, So. Burlington 

Simon's Downtown Quick Stop
658-2259, 93 South Winooski Ave, Burlington
654-8700, (near St. Mike's) 883 College Parkway, Winooski 

Frame Shop

Dostie Brothers Frame Shop - 660-9005, 308 Pine St, Suite 101, Burlington

Groceries/Health Food

Cheese Traders - 863-0143, 1186 Williston Road, So. Burlington     

City Market - 863-3659, 82 South Winooski Ave, Burlington 

Commodities Natural Market - 497-0433, Winooski Falls, Winooski 

Hannaford Supermarket- 863-6311, University Mall, 217 Dorset St., South Burlington 

Healthy Living Natural Foods Market and Cafè - 863-2569, 4 Market St, South Burlington 

Price Chopper Supermarket (COMING SOON) 

Shaws Supermarket - 860-2255,  570 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington 

Health Care

Eye Care of Vermont
658-3330, 230 College St., Suite 1, Burlington
878-5509, 77 Pearl St, Suite B, Essex Junction 

Health Center Pharmacies

UVM Medical Center Pharmacy
847-7461, 792 College Parkway, Colchester (Fanny Allen)
847-2821, 111 Colchester Ave. Burlington
874-3784, 1 South Prospect St, Burlington 

Kinney Drugs
863-8925, 308 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington
862-1855, 1653 Williston Rd, South Burlington

CVS Pharmacy
651-1018, 35 Church Street, Burlington
651-1449, 1 Dorset Street, South Burlington

Recreation/Music Entertainment

Pure Pop Records (Higher Grounds Ticket Office) - 658-2652, 115 South Winooski, Burlington

Smugglers' Notch Resort - 800-523-2754, Route 108, Jeffersonville 

Smuggler's Cafeteria

Smuggler's Pizzeria

Salon/Spa/Personal Care

Bare - 861-2273, 688 Pine Street, Ste.A., Burlington

His & Hers & Spa - 879-9200, 26 Hinesburg Rd, So. Burlington 

O'Briens Salon/Clip For Men
658-6563, Clip for Men - 247 Main St, Burlington
658-6564, 247 Main St, Burlington
863-2273, University Mall, Dorset St, South Burlington

The Men's Room - 864-2088, 106 Main St, Burlington 

Mirror Mirror - 861-7500, 3 Main St, Burlington  

Supercuts - 651-1000, 570 Shelburne Road, South Burlington 

Tropical Nails - 652-9776, 150 Dorset St, South Burlington 

Knight Card Deposit Slip

To initiate your first deposit to your Knight Card, download the application and submit it to Knight Card Office, 207 Alliot Hall.  Hard copies of the application are also available in the Knight Card Office.

Online Deposit -

  • For making an online deposit, you can use the online deposit form and the  method of payment can be a credit card, debit card or e-check. If you use the online deposit form, funds will be posted to your Knight Card account when they are received by the College, which is typically two business days after the transaction is processed. Please plan the timing of your deposits to ensure funds are available when you need them 

Deposits directly with the Knight Card Office

  • Deposits can be made in the Knight Card office using credit card, check or cash - $20.00 minimum. Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted but you must have the physical card to make a deposit and these funds are available immediately upon completion of the deposit. The Knight Card Office is located on the second floor of Alliot Student Center, Room 207 and our hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • You can send a check made payable to Saint Michael's College to campus Box 154, Saint Michael's College, One Winooski Park, Colchester, VT  05439.  
  • Should you need to make a deposit after hours or on weekends, the library has a "cash only" machine that you can put $1.00 or more onto your knight card and these funds are available immediately.

If you are interested in where you can use your knight card, check out our list of on-campus and off-campus locations.

*Please note that money put on this card is not part of your meal plan, though you also do use this card to access your  meal plan.

Here are the steps to set up your WebCard Center account:

(please note, students should set up this account not parents/guardians):

  • Visit https://webcard.smcvt.edu/student/register.php to register.
  • You will need a valid email address, SMC ID number (80 + SMC  ID number) and a PIN. (Your PIN is your Date of Birth in the following format: YYYYMMDD).
  • You will receive a confirmation email immediately after completing the registration process. Click on the link in the body of the email to activate your account.
  • That's it! Once you are a registered user you can login each time at: https://webcard.smcvt.edu.

If your card is lost or stolen, log into your Web Card center where you have the option to de-activate your card as well as reactive it should you find it.  If you have a problem with the Web Card center, you can call the Knight Card Office at 802.654.9500 during business hours or email us at mwinter@smcvt.edu or sfleury@smcvt.edu.

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