The Saint Michael’s College mailroom is located in the basement of Joyce Hall, across the rotunda from the Alliot Student Center. It receives, distributes, and sends out the U.S. Mail for the college as well as items from other carriers and internal campus mail. All students, faculty, and staff receive their mail in the SMC mailroom.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 9 AM to 3:30 PM

Student mail is delivered to your mailbox, along with appropriate cards to notify you of a package or item to be signed for. Packages may be retrieved by bringing your student ID to the mailroom during hours of operation. You MUST bring your college ID and your notification slips.

It is extremely important that all incoming mail has your campus mailbox number on it along with your complete name. This will help prevent delays as mail is sorted by mailbox number and name.

Example of Mailing Address:

Jane Doe
Saint Michael’s College (SMC) Box 1234
One Winooski Park
Colchester, VT 05439

*These are not USPS Post Office Boxes and we accept delivery by all carriers. We will sign for all packages.

Keys: Every student is issued one mailbox key for their assigned box. Lost keys are replaced at a $10.00 charge. You will keep the same key until you graduate or leave school permanently. DO NOT ask for your mail. Use your key. Report any problems with your lock or key to the mailroom staff.

Outgoing Mail: U.S. Mail is picked up daily at 3 p.m. You can place your stamped mail in the mail slot to the right of the mailroom window or in the blue mailbox outside of Joyce Hall. The blue box is also picked up on Saturdays at noon. Remember to always use a complete return address.

Stamps and metered postage are available at the mailroom window. You can pay with either cash or Knight Card. We offer Express, Priority, Certified, Insured, First Class, Media Rate, and International mail services through the US Postal Service at the service window. Items cannot be more than 66 pounds or are 100 cubic inches (lgth x wdth x hght).