Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

The Office of Accessibility Services provides students with various means to access their education through Assistive Technology. Assistive technology, while super helpful for students with learning differences, is actually helpful for all kinds of learners.

On-Line Learning Tools:  If you would like to make your on-line learning more accessible, it might be wise to employ Read & Write which is a free subscription offered by the Office of Accessibility Services here at Saint Michael’s College.

Read & Write lets everyone read, write, and express themselves more confidently. The easy-to-use tool bar makes documents, files, and web pages more accessible. Read & Write is a big confidence booster for anyone who needs a little support with their reading and writing, at school or in the workplace.  From hearing emails or documents read out loud to text prediction, picture dictionaries, summary highlighters, and a grammar, spelling and confusable words checker, Read & Write makes lots of everyday literacy tasks simpler, quicker, and more accurate.

To secure your free subscription, simply contact Leslie Turner at and she will send you the easy steps to get to Read & Write.

Notetaking Tools: The Livescribe Smartpen is an assistive technology aid that facilitates the note-taking and learning process. Recording classroom discussions and taking fewer notes allows the student with learning differences to spend more time listening and learning. When returning to the material for homework or review, students have an opportunity to listen to important information a second time, add notes that may be of significance, and review what has already been written. Notes can also be transferred to any computer or smartphone device through the Livescribe App.

To borrow a Livescribe Smartpen, simply contact Leslie Turner at and she will get you set up.

Audiobooks: Reading and learning are still accessible long after your classes end. A subscription to Learning Ally includes best-selling novels and popular fiction, as well as materials for college and professionals. Learning Ally provides college students with the resources necessary to get the reading help they need to achieve their goals.

To secure your free subscription, simply contact Toni Messuri at to set up a meeting.