Peer Tutoring Services

Peer Tutoring Services

Academic assistance is available for select courses. Success follows from consistent effort and engagement with course material. Talk to your professors first!

At St. Michael’s College, the first thing students should do if they’re experiencing difficulty in a course is speak with the professor outside of class. Our faculty members not only teach in the classroom, but also work with students individually to help them learn the curriculum. No one knows the material in a particular course or how to teach it better than the professor, so always start there. We expect students to meet with their instructor before considering individual tutoring.

Sometimes students who are working closely with their professor benefit from additional mentoring of the sort that another student can provide. In some departments – for example, math and chemistry – the demand for extra help is high, and we’ve attached one or more tutors to many of these classes. These “attached tutors” offer the class a schedule of weekly opportunities where students can ask questions and review material in small group learning communities. Students can log in to Tutor Trac using their Mikenet credentials to view the attached tutoring schedules for courses.

Individual tutors are available for some Spanish, French, and Latin courses. Please note that students are assigned tutors on a first requested first matched basis and tutoring capacity may become full during the semester. Students are expected to have met with their professors outside of class to discuss their progress concerns before considering individual tutoring. Requests for individual tutors will be considered after meeting with the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.

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Individual tutoring is not available at this time for courses other than Spanish, French, and Latin. Students are encouraged to access faculty office hours for content support or form their own study groups. The Writing Center is available to support students with writing at all stages of the process.

For more information about the Peer Tutoring Program, please contact:

Dina Alsaffar
Durick Library 319, Box 192