Planning, Policies and Forms

It is best to begin the study abroad planning and application process at least two semesters before going abroad. One semester is for researching study abroad options; the second is for preparing and submitting the required application materials.

Do Your Research

  1. Review the list of Approved Study Abroad Programs.
  2. Speak with program representatives when they host information tables in Alliot or when they attend the study abroad fair.
  3. Attend presentations by study abroad returnees.
  4. Go to the Study Abroad Fair (usually in early spring semester) and ask program representatives questions about countries, courses and program offerings.

Meet with your academic advisor

  1. Review your course history, plan for graduation, and understand possible constraints.
  2. Review your transcript for GPA, course requirements (major/minor/core), and sequencing of courses.
  3. Confirm courses you need to take in order to graduate. Speak with your advisor about classes you may be required to take on campus (and not abroad).
  4. Choose the best semester or time to study off-campus
  5. Confirm that your department supports your plan for study abroad

Be aware of SMC Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements

  1. Only students in good academic and social standing are eligible to study abroad.
  2. Students must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for semester programs. Some program providers may require a higher GPA for certain programs or destinations. GPA requirements vary for summer and short-term programs.
  3. Consideration of a student’s disciplinary record is part of the Study Abroad application review process. Students may not participate in study abroad while on disciplinary probation.

Make your decision based on academic and personal goals

Complete and submit two applications:

  1. Download the Study Abroad Application Forms (click on the tab “Application Forms” below).
  2. Submit completed application materials to the Study Abroad Office for review and approval.
    Note: Application deadline dates are strictly adhered to and late applications are not considered.
  3. After receiving SMC approval to study abroad, apply for acceptance to your chosen program partner. Program applications are available on-line and submitted electronically.

Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting organized by the Study Abroad Office

There are a limited number of special scholarships available to support students who plan to study abroad. Most scholarships are competitive and application deadline dates are strictly followed.

Saint Michael’s Scholarships

The Brian Lacey ’72 International Fellowship in Social Justice

Partner Program Scholarships

Many study abroad program partners offer scholarships to qualified applicants participating in their programs. Refer to the partner’s websites for information on eligibility requirements, required application materials, and deadline dates. Scholarships are competitive and applicants must submit completed application materials by the stated deadline date.

Scholarship and Grant Information

Fund for Education Abroad
IEE Passport Study Abroad Funding Directory Financial Aid Directory
Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Program
Boren Scholarships for International Study
Bridging Scholarship Program (Japan)
Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship

Crowd-Source Funding

Visit these sites to learn more about travelling abroad and your specific study abroad destination.

Cross-Cultural information:

US Department of State – Students Abroad
University of the Pacific – What’s Up With Culture

Travel Information:

Lonely Planet Travel Guides
Areavibes: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Overseas
Global Road Warrior

Use this database to get acclimated to a country’s business culture and etiquette (greetings & courtesies, ethics, meetings, attire), society and culture (gift giving, food, media, time & punctuality) and travel tips (money & banking, transportation, and more) for 175 countries

Maps and Geography:

Atlapedia Online

Embassy, Visa and Entry Requirements:

Embassies and Consulates
Foreign Entry Requirements

Welcome to our World News section! Here we provide links to news sources from around the globe! It is important to note that Saint Michael’s College does not agree with or condone the views presented in the news agencies listed below. We provide these links for informational purposes only.

World News


Regional News

Africa: – News about Africa
BBC News – Africa – The news organization’s African site
The North Africa Journal – Perspective and analysis on events in Northern Africa, focusing on business/economics
The Pan African News Agency – Daily coverage of news items from all over the continent
Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies – News consortium from Europe, Asia and Africa with links to various countries.


BBC – Asia – News from the mainland and the Indian Subcontinent
Central Asian News – Weekly news from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan
Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies – News consortium from Europe, Asia and Africa with links to various countries.
EurasiaNet – News information and analysis about political, economic and social developments in Central Asia and the Caucasus


BBC – Australia – News from Australia and the Pacific Rim
Pacific Island Report – compiles Pacific-Island related stories from sources around the world
ABC Radio Australia – Regionally focused radio news from Australia, Asia and the Pacific Rim


CANA – Caribbean News Agency – The Caribbean News Agency provides daily news, plus a RealAudio version.
Caribbean Daily – news from around the region


BBC News – Europe – News from around the continent
NBC – Europe – News from Europe
Euronews – News from Europe

Middle East:

BBC News – Middle East – BBC News provides news from the eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia
Aljazeera – Middle Eastern and international news
Arab World News – daily news from the Middle East and North Africa

South and Central America:

BBC News – The Americas – BBC News provides news from North, South and Central America
NBC – Latin America News from North, South and Central America

News by Country


Buenos Aires Times – Argentina’s only English-language newspaper
La Nación – Argentina’s daily newspaper


ABC News – Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The Canberra Times – Source of local and national news


CBC – the Canadian multimedia giant
The Globe and Mail – The Globe and Mail provide Canadian and world news, sports and entertainment


China Internet Information Center – government authorized portal to Chinese news
China Daily – online version of a Chinese English-language paper
People’s Daily – official news and policy information

Costa Rica:

The Tico Times – daily online coverage of Costa Rica news
The Costa Rica News – source of daily news and updates from Costa Rica

Czech Republic:

Prague Post – English daily paper
Radio Prague International – News coverage, interviews, features in six languages


The Copenhagen Post – the only English-language newspaper printed regularly in Denmark
The Local – dk – source of daily local news in Denmark


The Journal – Daily paper from Northern England
icLiverpool – Featuring news from the daily Liverpool Echo
This is Oxfodrshire – The Oxford area’s daily paper.
The London Gazette – The official newspaper of record in England.


Le Monde – Daily newspaper published in Paris
France24 – Latest breaking news and reports on France


Munich Found – Bavaria’s monthly English newsmagazine
Express Online – German daily paper with world news; choose from Cologne, Dusseldorf or Bonn (in German)
DW News (Deutsche Welle) – Global English-language news and information channel of Germany


The Avondhu Newspaper – News from the Cork, Limerick area
The Irish News – Latest Irish news and updates from around Ireland


The Local – Italy’s news in English
Alto Adige – online version of the newspaper (in Italian)
Ansa Italy – Number 1 Italian News Agency


Asahi Shimbun – National news – English version.
The Japan Times – National and world news.
Mainichi Daily News – National news.

New Zealand:

The New Zealand Herald – national and international news
New Zealand News – national and world news


Press and Journal – Daily paper serving Scotland, especially North Scotland
The Scotsman – daily national news
Edinburgh News Online – local and national news

South Africa:

Times Live – South African daily newspaper
The South African – an independent, no agenda and bias online news platform


Costa – English regional news
ABC – online version of the newspaper ABC
El Mundo – Spain’s largest newpaper


The Citizen – english news site that brings the latest news from Tanzania

What is study abroad (or study away)?

Undergraduate students can study in another country for an academic year, a semester, during academic breaks (summer or winter) or with faculty on short-term Academic Study Trips. Students may also choose to study off-campus through the Washington Semester Program in Washington DC or the SEA Education program in Woods Hole, MA. Students generally study abroad (or away) on pre-approved programs organized by US-based organizations. These organizations arrange for classes, housing, meals, advising, and support services while the student is overseas. Students can take courses at colleges or universities, or participate in programs that offer credit-bearing experiential learning opportunities.

How do I qualify to study abroad?

For semester or year-long programs applicants must have a 3.0 or greater cumulative GPA. Some programs require a higher GPA for admission. Students generally study abroad during their junior year, but seniors can also apply for consideration. GPA requirements for summer and short-term programs have individualized requirements. Students are encouraged to submit completed applications well before the published application deadline dates.

When do I begin planning and applying to study abroad?

Students interested in studying abroad should begin the planning process as early as possible – freshman year is a good time to start. An annual study abroad fair offers an opportunity for freshmen to begin their search for programs that best meet their academic and personal needs. Academic planning and program research can be a complicated and time-consuming process, so students should allow ample time to speak with their academic advisors, meet with the study abroad director, and complete application materials. Fall semester applications are due in early February. Spring semester applications are due in early April.

Where can I go?

SMC students can participate in pre-approved programs in Latin America, the Caribbean, Western & Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. There are also exciting programs based in the US.

What types of programs are there?

There are several types of study abroad options to choose from:

English-speaking universities. Choose from a wide selection of courses in different academic departments.

Universities in non-English speaking countries. Study the language of the host country (at any level of proficiency) and take content courses either in the target language or in English.

Internship Programs. Take courses and participate in a credit-bearing internship.

Experiential, field-based programs. Learn about a culture and learn a language while conducting an independent research project. Field-based programs offer a wide range of themes, including public health, gender studies, environmental and sustainability issues, peace and conflict, social justice, and globalization.

How many credits do I earn?

Students typically earn 12-18 credits during a semester abroad. Transfer credits for study abroad are pre-approved through the Registrar’s Office and added to the Saint Michael’s College student record after the student completes the program and an official transcript from the institution of record is received. Consistent with the College’s transfer credit policy, students must receive a grade of C- or higher (or the equivalent in thecorresponding international grading system) in order for study abroad coursework to transfer and count toward the Saint Michael’s College degree. Study abroad grades are not calculated into a student’s SMC cumulative GPA. The number of credits earned for short-term programs may vary depending on length and content of the program.

How will I be charged for study abroad?

Students studying abroad for a semester will be charged the Saint Michael’s College’s tuition and activities fee for that semester. This fee will be posted to the student’s account and payment will be due two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Students are responsible for any charges above the SMC tuition and activities fee should the program partner’s tuition exceed that amount.

Students will not be charged SMC room and board, but will be responsible for payment of all charges associated with their study abroad program’s room and board. The program’s room charge, and in some cases board fees (including mandatory meal plans) will be posted to the student’s SMC student account after charges have been confirmed with the program partner.

Will I be able to use my financial aid awards toward study abroad?

Students who have been awarded institutional grants and scholarships (e.g. Book Award, President’s Scholarship) may apply 75% of the award(s) toward study abroad expenses for one semester. SMC scholarships do not apply for a second semester.

Students may use non-SMC financial aid for one or two semesters abroad. These funds include federal and state grants and loans. Work-study does not apply overseas. Some aid may be restricted.

Students can maintain their regular SMC payment plans through Student Financial Services.

Tuition exchange and tuition remission do not apply for study abroad.

Many programs offer need-based (and sometimes merit-based) scholarships to qualified applicants. Students are strongly encouraged to research these scholarships and submit applications when appropriate.

How can I get more information?

Students should make an appointment to meet with the Director of Study Abroad for academic and program advice prior to completing the SMC study abroad application.