Your study abroad experience is not an isolated activity that has a definite beginning and end. Instead, study abroad is a life-changing event that continues to develop and evolve long after you have returned home. You will find yourself changed, sometimes in surprising, unanticipated ways. Your academic and personal goals may be different, and you may now have a better appreciation for the international students on campus.

To help ease your transition back to life at Saint Michael’s and Vermont, we have a variety of events and opportunities for you to enjoy:

Returnee Reception and Dinner

Attend this event and discuss your experiences with other returning students while enjoying dinner and friendly conversation.


Share your experiences with others. Participate and educate prospective students about study abroad opportunities at events such as:

  • Study Abroad Fair
  • Returnee Panels
  • Information Tables

Re-Entry Reflection and Support

Consider taking following courses upon your return to SMC:

  • DMC-363: Travel Writing: Study Abroad Re-entry
    (Professor Kimberly Sultze)
  • ANT-333: Anthropology of Refugees
  • ANT-355: Anthropology of International Development
  • GL-201: Foundations of Global Studies
  • GS-208: Topics in Gender Studies
  • PO-180: Current Issues in World Politics
  • PO-351: Politics Global AIDS Pandemic

Graduation Sashes

Order a beautifully designed sash, made in the flag colors of the country in which you studied abroad. The sash (available for purchase) is worn over your graduation robe and gives you recognition for your SMC study abroad experience. Order forms are available through the Study Abroad Office.