Global Eyes Photography

The Global Eyes Study Abroad Photography Competition is an opportunity for study abroad returnees to share their international experiences and insights with the greater campus community.

Photo submissions are entered into one of the following categories:

  • City Life
  • Culture Most Distinct from SMC
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • People and the Human Spirit
  • The Essence of Study Abroad
  • Best Written Caption

The photographs are chosen for their technical quality as well as the accompanying student written narratives. Category winners, Best Written Caption, and the Best of Show Award are announced at an awards ceremony in April, and the exhibit remains on display in the Durick library throughout the year.

23rd Annual Photography Competition


(1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and honorable mention (HM) awards)

People and the Human Spirit

1.    Swapnil Jhajharia – City Night Life
2.    Isabella Cronin – The Modern Gathering for Freedom
3.    Abigail Kittler – Chefchaouen Blues


1.    Rachel Gavin – Serenity in the Serengeti
2.    Anyssa Logan – Volcanic Blast from the Past
3.    Skyleigh Bickings – Sweet, Sweet Ireland
HM. Makayla Fernald – The Portal


1.    Eliza Byrne – Unification of Sister: Ursa and Aurora
2.    Rachel Gavin – Wild Elegance
3.    Annabelle Farrell –Volcán Poás

City Life

1.    Amy Hylen – The Light of the London Eye
2.    Swapnil Jhajharia – Scooters Every Each Way
3.    Sam Vandewalle – Gateway to the North
HM. Noah Taracena – Firenze, Italia

Culture Most Distinct from SMC

1.    Ben Mogensen –Day 66: Paro Tschechu
2.    Rachel Gavin – Tales by the Fire
3.    Braden Dwinell – Bridge in the Fog

The Essence of Study Abroad

1.    Ben Mogensen – Impermanence in Every Sense
2.    Tallis Diehn – Pikworo Slave Camp
3.    Gregory Hurter – Moments through the Mekong
HM. Henry Ferrari – Into the Unknown
HM. Allison Petrozzo – Bridge to the Other Side

Judges’ Artistic Appreciation Award

Eliza Byrne – A Thawing Reality
Madison Musselman – Reflecting Among Serenity

Best Written Caption

Skyleigh Bickings – Sweet, Sweet Ireland
Mia Cooper – Say Hello, to Vietnam
Swapnil Jhajharia – People of the Sea
Ben Mogensen – Impermanence in Every Sense

The People’s Choice Award

Skyleigh Bickings – Sweet, Sweet Ireland
Makayla Fernald – The Portal
Rachel Gavin – Wild Elegance

The Kroger – Krikstone Best of Show Award

Eliza Byrne – Unification of Sister: Ursa and Aurora

   Category: People and the Human Spirit

☆ Category Winner ☆
"City Night Life" by Swapnil Jhajharia
Vietnam | Summer 2023

We were in Hội An, a UNESCO World Heritage site based on its ancient trading port in the East Sea dating back to the 15th century. After a day of traveling and enjoying the history, architecture, and food of the city as tourists, we decided to explore the beach next to our hostel. As some of us swam in the waters mildly populated with jellyfish (the kind that sting), the less brave ones amongst us dared to adventure down the beach. Soon the sun began to go down and the light on the skyscrapers in the distance began to dance. We were presented with these picturesque hues in the sky magnified by the bubbling lights of the city in the background. We also noticed some lights in the ocean to the East. At first, we were excited at the possibility of seeing some bioluminescent activity in the water. However, our hopes were soon amplified when we came across the round basket boat. These hand-woven bamboo boats are used to entertain tourists during the day and for night fishing as the veil of darkness spreads. The artificial light attached to the boats helps attract fish, much like bugs are attracted to fire. We watched the fisherman row deeper into the ocean until he joined the few specks of tiny stars in the middle of the sea who had all cast their nets onto the fishy tourists being attracted to their torches.

"The Modern Gathering for Freedom" by Isabella Cronin
Jordan | Fall 2023

Protests in Amman were organized every Friday and people would gather downtown and call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The human spirit was evident at every protest, regardless of where in the city it took place, or at what time. Many citizens in Jordan can trace their recent ancestry back to Palestine; the customs, food, language, and way of life are all the same in these two places; even the flags have only one main difference. So, when Jordanians call for the freedom of Palestine, they call for the freedom of their families and of their futures. And Americans studying abroad in Amman stopped what they are doing to listen.

"Chefchaouen Blues" by Abigail Kittler
Morocco | Sring 2023

Tucked amidst two peaks in Morocco lies a medina known as the “Blue City” in Chefchaouen, Africa. The narrow cobble streets are paired with hues of blues cascading on the weathered walls you pass. The tranquility of this city differs from the hustle of the rest as the shades of blue were painted to ward off evil spirits. The warm smiles of the residents of the city welcome you to explore their handcrafted products of vibrant color as you get lost in the oasis of blue.

   Category: Landscape

☆ Category Winner ☆
"Serenity in the Serengeti" by Rachel Gavin
Tanzania | Spring 2023

After an early morning game drive searching for nocturnal species with flashlights shining over the landscape, the sun gradually emerged over the horizon. The whooping hyena calls and lion roars echoing in the nighttime faded into birds chirping to seemingly welcome the beautiful morning. In that ethereal moment, the sun cast its first light upon the Serengeti, awakening the savannah in a symphony of tranquility.

"Volcanic Blast from the Past" by Anyssa Logan
Italy | Spring 2023

As I walk through the city streets, I can’t help but wonder how busy it used to be. Grooves in the pavement from years of carriages, the raised sidewalks, the fast-food restaurants. The volcano that caused all this damage looms over me, hiding behind the clouds, reminding me of the havoc it wreaked on this city, now peacefully staring down at what once was. As I look through the window of an old watch tower, I picture the city as it was before.

☆ The People's Choice Award ☆
"Sweet, Sweet Ireland" by Skyleigh Bickings
Ireland | Summer 2023

I sat for hours trying to think of the perfect description for this picture. Nothing came to me…so instead I wrote a poem about how I yearn to be back in Ireland.
“I watch the weeks slowly pass me by
And my heart aches on and on
To think of all that I am missing
And the things I wish could be done
I’ll wait until my lungs give out
And I can breathe again
In the sweet, fresh air of Ireland.”

☆ The People's Choice Award ☆
"The Portal" by Makayla Fernald
Ireland | Summer 2023

This photo was taken on the Dingle Sea Safari, a boat tour along the Dingle Bay and the Great Blasket Islands. This rock formation was one of many, but this one in particular had a mystical and healing energy about it. I have never seen anything like it before, and I am thankful to have been able to capture this moment. The water had the most vibrant shades of blue and green I have ever seen. The opening with the light shining through it reminded me of a portal, a door between two worlds left for exploration.

   Category: Nature

☆ Category Winner ☆
☆ The Kroger-Krikstone Best of Show Award ☆

"Unification of Sister: Ursa and Aurora" by Eliza Byrne
Iceland | Spring 2023

To see the Northern Lights in your life is to witness the most magical experience there is. While I had seen pictures and videos, been told stories of the myths and native folklore, and done plenty of research on the science behind the aurora borealis, it was nothing like I thought it may have been. To witness an event some people wait their whole life to see proved to be the most special experience in my life and made me realize how small we all are.

☆ The People's Choice Award ☆
"Wild Elegance" by Rachel Gavin
Tanzania | Spring 2023

Embracing the untamed beauty of the Serengeti, my textbook lessons on wildlife management burst into vibrant life during my time abroad. Witnessing our first queen of the savannah, a lioness, elegantly stretching in a tree, her silhouette painted against the African sky, was a surreal blend of academia and adventure. In this captivating moment, the seamless convergence of knowledge and the wild showcased the breathtaking beauty of this incredible ecosystem.

"Volcán Poás" by Annabelle Farrell
Costa Rica | Fall 2023

Volcán Poás in Costa Rica is one of the largest active craters globally. With the pH about zero, this acidity leads to the brilliant bright blue color within the crater.

   Category: City Life

☆ Category Winner ☆
"The Light of the London Eye" by Amy Hylen
England | Summer 2023

There is a sort of magic about London, a kind that sparkles so beautifully that when you look back at the photos of your travels, you can feel that same magic as if you are there again. There are treasures and gems around every corner, gleaming with inspiration and education. There are people you meet who change your life from their stories, perspectives, and kindness. I was so fortunate to have been able to travel to London with my Education Program while studying abroad, where my peers and I got to learn and explore together. I couldn't wait to carry the magic of the city and the stories of the people I met home with me to share the beauty of the culture with others and make a positive difference as a future teacher. This summer night in London, I came across the London Eye ferris wheel and a pathway of trees, illuminated in a dazzling magenta glow. This was very symbolic of my experience because while studying abroad, I felt as though the path of my journey glistened with the most inspiring radiance, and by the end, I aspired to give back in a "full circle" by shining the light of all I had learned to make the world a brighter place.

"Scooters Every Which Way" by Swapnil Jhajharia
Vietnam | Summer 2023

This is the street I took to and from work every day when I was interning in Vietnam. The sides of the street are lined with small restaurants, bakeries, tea shops, and innumerable other kinds of food outlets. The street food in Vietnam is so cheap and good that it has been challenging for corporations like McDonald's and Domino's to establish an empire there. I would grab mía đá (sugarcane juice) and bánh bao (dumplings) from the street shops for breakfast before getting on the number 47 bus. The photo was taken during the rush hour on my commute back to my accommodation. The plethora of scooters on the road and the rather relaxed street rules lead to a seemingly chaotic traffic culture on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. The riders are rather fearless and always in a hurry and the small sizes of the scooters allow them to take up any and all spaces on the street. It was always an adventure to cross the streets through this traffic because you are just supposed to walk into oncoming traffic and the traffic flows around you, much like water flowing around a rock in a brook. The photo only captures a small part of the unbound chaos we experienced on the streets of Vietnam. We eventually became proficient in small aspects of the culture and could flawlessly navigate our way across a busy street.

"Gateway to the North" by Sam Vandewalle
England | Spring 2023

Opened in 1852, London King's Cross railway station serves as the London terminus of the East Coast Main Line, a vital artery to Northern England and Scotland. Famous for its distinctive architecture and the magical Platform 9¾, it stands as one of London's most iconic structures. The 2012 expansion, built to meet the demands of a modern Great Britain, is prominently featured with its striking semi-circular roof of over 2,000 triangular tiles visible next to the original station building on the left.

"Firenze, Italia" by Noah Taracena
Italy | Spring 2023

The Duomo (or to use its more official name, the Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore) dominates the Florence skyline. Up close, the Duomo is more grand and epic than one could imagine. Even after living in Florence for four months, I was never tired of walking around the Duomo to gaze up at its immaculate beauty and impeccable detail.

   Category: Culture Most Distinct from SMC

☆ Category Winner ☆
"Day 66: Paro Tschechu" by Ben Mogensen
Bhutan | Spring 2023

April 4, 2023
Paro bed

No classes today. I arrive with my friends to the temple dressed confidently in my deep blue-colored gho. I do my best to blend in and observe as much as I can. After all, today marks a very important day: the first day of the centuries-old festival to honor Guru Rinpoche, an 8th Century enlightened teacher and likely the most famous person to have ever lived in Bhutan. I have never seen so many colors in my life.

Although I have been here for two months at this point, it seems like every week tops the last. On this day, I find peace in friendship with my Bhutanese friends, Sonam and Dem, who introduce me to their family, invite my friends and me to lunch, and ensure that we got to fully experience the first day of dances, music, and rituals. Their kindness has made me feel incredibly welcome. That’s all I can say for right now; I have to get a good night’s sleep so I can wake up to receive blessings at the temple before the sun rises tomorrow.


"Tales by the Fire" by Rachel Gavin
Tanzania | Spring 2023

Renowned as one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer communities, the Hadzabe people exhibit a distinctive way of life that transcends time. Intrigued by their hunter-gatherer lifestyle, my class delved into the Hadzabe tribe’s ancient cultural practices, discovering a world where simplicity intertwines with sustainability. Here, they are gathered around a crackling fire, herb-smoking, and sharing stories that echo through generations. The Hadzabe, with their minimalist living and deep understanding of sustainability, offer a profound glimpse into a world where ancient traditions persist, and the spirit of harmony with nature endures.

"Bridge in the Fog" by Braden Dwinell
South Korea | Summer 2023

The Gloucester Heroes Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in South Korea, and though a sight to behold, it tells a sad story. When the Korean War broke out, troops from Gloucester, UK, were sent to assist the South Koreans but were overwhelmed by Chinese forces. This bridge commemorates those soldiers and marks the site where they died. My time in the demilitarized zone was somber, as it not only reminded us of the past but also the ongoing tragedies. A border divides not only two countries but also families. Two sides now stand facing each other, armed with guns and bullets, while the war field between them regrows. I’m hopeful that one day peace will be restored, but for now, everything between them hangs in uncertainty, like a bridge in the fog.

   Category: The Essence of Study Abroad

☆ Category Winner ☆
"Impermanence in Every Sense" by Ben Mogensen
Bhutan | Spring 2023

One morning in particular stands out to me. It was mid-April and a few members of our twenty-person group woke up at 13,000 feet at 5AM for an adventure. We huffed and puffed another 1,000 feet to a sky burial site just in time for sunrise. My new friends, Iain and Savian, both of whom I had only known for two months in this lifetime, wasted no time in lighting incense to appease the local deities on the peak, ensuring we arrived as reverent and welcome guests. In a place of both mortality and infinity, I stood behind them as we watched the sun crest over the mountains in the east. It was a surreal feeling, nonexistence of the self, I suppose. For a short while, none of us said a word. As we greeted the sun silently, I felt content.

"Pikworo Slave Camp
" by Tallis Diehn

Ghana | Spring 2023

During our group’s three-week tour of the country, we visited 3 historic slave sites. The first, Pikworo Slave Camp, was located in the Upper East Region of the country, close to the border with Burkina Faso. Depicted here is the eating space for slaves. Over the 141 years of its operation the slaves were made to carve bowls into the rock for eating. Other spaces of the camp included the auction stand, the boulders on which slaves would be made to drum for the guards, a mass grave site, and the stone on which slaves were tortured and executed. After a several month-long tenure at the camp, the slaves would be walked approximately 150 kilometers south. This site visit was the definitive moment of my trip and has utterly changed the way that I perceive the world and human beings.

"Moments Through the Mekong" by Gregory Hurter
Vietnam | Summer 2023

The Mekong River is a major economic strongpoint in Vietnam. The Mekong River runs through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Vietnam is home to the Mekong River Delta, the entry and exit point to Asia’s extensive international trade hub. Although this river has bred modernity and industrialization, it has also preserved Vietnam's many cultural traditions. Under the beautiful prehistoric palms lies a small tributary from the larger river which acts as a tranquil escape from the large tanker ships and high-rise buildings. Here, coconuts are farmed by small families, honey is harvested, and traditional music is played. This river has led to the formation of many small villages like the one of Bến Tre and Cần Thơ, both named the coconut candy capitals of the world.

"Into the Unknown" by Henry Ferrari
Argentina | Spring 2023

In my eyes, the essence of study abroad is the sporadic adventures you choose to go on with your classmates. The whole concept behind studying abroad is the seeking of discomfort. This 18-mile hike took us into a beautiful Patagonian valley with wild horses, beautiful glaciers, and a clear stream from which we drank. We saw a gaucho (a cowboy of sorts), fueled on empanadas, and immersed ourselves in the angelic wilderness of Patagonia. This photo was taken at the beginning of our adventure and illustrates the faces of unknowing and excited newcomers.

"Bridge to the Other Side" by Allison Petrozzo
New Zealand | Spring 2023

This picture was taken at the Aoraki/ Mount Cook National Park on the South Island of New Zealand. I traveled around the South Island for a week with a group of girls I had just met and barely knew, following a packed itinerary that I put together just a couple weeks before embarking on the journey. We spent that week packed in a tiny rental car, learning how to drive on the other side of the road, seeing the most beautiful natural sites I’ve ever seen, and visiting as many places as we could. Aoraki/Mount Cook, carrying both the Māori and pakeha (or white, European) names, was on the top of our list of places to see. We took on the trek through the national park, in which we encountered several of these narrow, bouncy bridges that had warning signs that read, “Careful: 10 people maximum.” From a far distance away, we would have to communicate with travelers from all over the world waiting on the other side to figure out who should go when. Each time we crossed over these long, dangling bridges, we would look around in awe of the beauty around us and simultaneously attempt not to look down at the rocks and rushing water below us as we felt the structure beneath our feet shake and tremble with each step. This picture to me is representative of that incredible trip I took with new people who became close friends, as well as the overall study abroad experience of overcoming struggles (both physical and mental) to reach new opportunities and people.

   Category: Best Written Caption

"Sweet, Sweet Ireland" by Skyleigh Bickings
Ireland | Summer 2023

I sat for hours trying to think of the perfect description for this picture. Nothing came to me…so instead I wrote a poem about how I yearn to be back in Ireland.
“I watch the weeks slowly pass me by
And my heart aches on and on
To think of all that I am missing
And the things I wish could be done
I’ll wait until my lungs give out
And I can breathe again
In the sweet, fresh air of Ireland.”

"Say Hello, to Vietnam" by MIa Cooper
Vietnam | Summer 2023

Beyond the bustle and noise of Ho Chi Minh City main streets lived the place I called home for two months: the Aloha house. Each morning, I awoke to the honking of motor bikes, the smell of fresh food steaming from food carts, and ringing of music from a small courtyard workout class happening just outside my window. Our neighborhood was full of color, light, and every kind of rice noodle dish you could think of. My classmates and I often found ourselves sitting on the stoop of our apartment where this photo was taken, absorbing the essence of our newfound home.

"People of the Sea" by Swapnil Jhajharia
Samoa | Spring 2023

This picture was taken during the early hours of the afternoon at the Falease’ela village on the Southwest coast of Upolu island of Samoa. After a productive day in the waters of the lagoon, the outrigger va’a (boats) are being taken to shore for a little rest as the humid tropic winds and high sun make it challengingly hot to be on the water. These boats are a legacy of the way-finder and seafaring histories of the Samoan and Oceanic peoples. The Samoan people have seen the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean as a means of connecting with other islands rather than being an isolating force, and boats based on similar engineering were used to bridge these distances. The interconnected understanding of the islands and the unmatched navigation skills have been the heart of the people of the sea. Master navigators have been said to use natural elements including the stars, the Sun, the winds, and the water currents to navigate the Pacific. While this indigenous knowledge is only alive within a few navigators today, the people continue to use their va’a for transportation, tourism, and fishing.

"Impermanence in Every Sense" by Ben Mogensen
Bhutan | Spring 2023

One morning in particular stands out to me. It was mid-April and a few members of our twenty-person group woke up at 13,000 feet at 5AM for an adventure. We huffed and puffed another 1,000 feet to a sky burial site just in time for sunrise. My new friends, Iain and Savian, both of whom I had only known for two months in this lifetime, wasted no time in lighting incense to appease the local deities on the peak, ensuring we arrived as reverent and welcome guests. In a place of both mortality and infinity, I stood behind them as we watched the sun crest over the mountains in the east. It was a surreal feeling, nonexistence of the self, I suppose. For a short while, none of us said a word. As we greeted the sun silently, I felt content.

   Judges' Artistic Appreciation

"A Thawing Reality" by Eliza Byrne
Iceland | Spring 2023

Before my time in Iceland, as someone who is in the environmental community, I was well aware of the global impacts of the climate crisis but not to this extent. After visiting Breiða in February, March, and then a consecutive month in May to complete my research, I was made aware of just how fast this is all happening. While Iceland has taken some massive steps towards a less environmentally impactful lifestyle, they are still experiencing some of the largest changes caused by the ongoing climate crisis. The day this photo was taken was a wake up call for me as I realized that in just a month the glacier had melted 10 feet and looked vastly different. In a year, the place I once called home will be unfamiliar, unrecognizable, and the years of history written in these layers of ice will be forever forgotten.

"Reflecting Among Serenity" by Madison Musselman
Denmark | Summer 2023

Studying Abroad is an eye-opening experience that shows how transformative the experience can be. Through the transformative experience, it is beyond important to reflect on the memories created, cultures explored, personal growth made, and much more that occurs. The opportunity for personal growth is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more about yourself, but this is only done through self-reflection throughout your time abroad. The photo captures this moment for a student studying abroad from Italy as he observes a piece of artwork from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

PhotographerStudy Abroad DestinationPhoto Entry
Lauren BestEnglandAnd in taking the time to walk with the dinosaurs, I gain a new perspective on history
Lauren BestEnglandCapturing Time with Big Ben
Lauren BestEnglandTourists will come and go, but History and the Locals will remain
Skyleigh BickingsIrelandSweet, Sweet Ireland
Jaymie BuffingtonSpainRoyal Alcázar de Sevilla
Jaymie BuffingtonSpainThe Blue City
Eliza ByrneIcelandA Thawing Reality
Eliza ByrneIcelandThe Fjord
Eliza ByrneIcelandUnification of Sister: Ursa and Aurora
Tania ChevezIrelandCliffs of Moher
Tania ChevezIrelandSunny Day in Venice
Brigid ChristianoSpainAlhambra in the Clouds
Brigid ChristianoSpainJust People Being People and Some Pretty Houses to Match
Brigid ChristianoSpainThe Beauty of the Mediterranean
Mia CooperVietnamSay Hello, to Vietnam
Mia CooperVietnamUpward Angles at the Grand Palace
Isabella CroninJordanThe Caves of Petra
Isabella CroninJordanThe Modern Gathering for Freedom
Elizabeth CrottyVietnamCoracle Coast
Elizabeth CrottyVietnamOld and New
Elizabeth CrottyVietnamThe Gilded Palace
Tallis DiehnGhanaPikworo Slave Camp
Tallis DiehnGhanaSunset Over Lake Volta
Braden DwinellGreeceAphaia’s Sanctuary
Braden DwinellGreeceGaias Reclaim
Braden DwinellGreeceRiddles with the Sphinx
Braden DwinellSouth KoreaBridge in the Fog
Braden DwinellSouth KoreaPrincesses in the Palace
Braden DwinellSouth KoreaThe City’s Blossom
Annabelle FarrellCosta RicaLa Fortuna
Annabelle FarrellCosta RicaVolcán Poás
Makayla FernaldIrelandA Building for the Ages
Makayla FernaldIrelandStrand Street
Makayla FernaldIrelandThe Portal
Henry FerrariArgentinaBahía Paraíso
Henry FerrariArgentinaFire and Ice
Henry FerrariArgentinaInto the Unknown
Lily FriesenIrelandFollow Me to the Water
Lily FriesenIrelandWhat Could Be Better?
Rachel GavinTanzaniaSerenity in the Serengeti
Rachel GavinTanzaniaTales by the Fire
Rachel GavinTanzaniaWild Elegance
Gregory HurterVietnamA Blue Bike Welcome
Gregory HurterVietnamAn Average Day at The Market
Gregory HurterVietnamMoments through the Mekong
Amy HylenEnglandLife Through Rose-Colored Glasses
Amy HylenEnglandThe Beauty of Bath
Amy HylenEnglandThe Light of the London Eye
Swapnil JhajhariaSamoaMonkey Business in a Private Pool
Swapnil JhajhariaSamoaPeople of the Sea
Swapnil JhajhariaSamoaWhere Angels Come to Die
Swapnil JhajhariaVietnamCity Night Life
Swapnil JhajhariaVietnamRamayan to Ramakien
Swapnil JhajhariaVietnamScooters Every Which Way
Trevor JohnsonFranceFontaine Saint-Michel
Trevor JohnsonFrancePasture in the French Alps
Trevor JohnsonFranceView of Monaco Shoreline
Abigail KittlerSpainCamel on Cape Spartel
Abigail KittlerSpainChefchaouen Blues
Abigail KittlerSpainThe Garden Tranquility of Granada
Mary KohnIrelandA New Perspective
Mary KohnIrelandMy Walk to Class
Mary KohnIrelandMary Had a Little Lamb
Maddie LaquerreFranceA Château Paradise
Maddie LaquerreFranceA Château Paradise
Maddie LaquerreFranceThe City of Light
Maddie LaquerreFranceWhere the Skyline Meets the Mountains
Jeson LiDenmarkLife Without Borders
Jeson LiDenmarkThe Secret to a Happy Life
Jeson LiDenmarkWhen Dreams Become True
Anyssa LoganDenmarkA Cloudy Day on the Danish Coast
Anyssa LoganDenmarkVolcanic Blast from the Past
Anyssa LoganSouth KoreaColors through the Mist
Frank LovelandFranceMonaco’s Countdown to F1 Glory
Frank LovelandFranceSun, Sea and Silver Screens. Cannes Film Festival Unveiled
Frank LovelandFranceWhere Roman Mastery Meets Time’s Embrace
Moa LundenNew ZealandCable Car
Moa LundenNew ZealandCape Brett Track
Moa LundenNew ZealandNew Zealand Fur Seal
Teagan McCaffreyIrelandBeautiful Music, Beautiful View
Teagan McCaffreyIrelandFairies
Teagan McCaffreyIrelandReflection
Ben MogensenNepalDay 66: Paro Tschechu
Ben MogensenNepalGet Lost
Ben MogensenNepalImpermanence in Every Sense
Marshall MurphyDenmarkOld, Faded, but Never Jaded: Skindergade 6
Marshall MurphyDenmarkSave the Turtles
Marshall MurphyDenmarkWar Flag
Madison MusselmanDenmarkEmbracing a Sustainable Horizon
Madison MusselmanDenmarkReflecting Among Serenity
Isabella ParedesSouth KoreaHaedong Yonggungsa Temple
Allison PetrozzoNew ZealandBoats on Matiatia Bay
Allison PetrozzoNew ZealandBridge to the Other Side
Allison PetrozzoNew ZealandThe Auckland Ferry on Film
Colin RadicanIrelandCoumeenoole Beach Pano
Colin RadicanIrelandSea Cave along the Emerald Isle
Lesley RiveraVietnamA Walk in the Da Lat Fields
Lesley RiveraVietnamLimestone Island of Hạ Long Bay
Noah TaracenaItalyFirenze, Italia
Noah TaracenaItalyMorning Run in Verona
Noah TaracenaItalyThe Might and Legacy of Rome
Lauren TwiggIrelandA Sidewalk Sentiment
Lauren TwiggIrelandThe Sunken Church
Sam VandewalleEnglandEdge of the Earth
Sam VandewalleEnglandGateway to the North


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