Proxy Account Access

Proxy Online Access to Student Account, Billing and Payment

In support of our sustainability initiatives and to provide our families with 24/7 access, Saint Michael’s College student billing will be delivered electronically.

Students authorize parents and others to be their proxy to view their account, print a statement and pay their account balance online.

STUDENTS – AUTHORIZE YOUR PROXY BY LOGGING IN HERE (see the instructions below for assistance).

Proxy Access Link

Proxy Users can:

  • View account activity and balance information including pending financial aid
  • View and print billing statements
  • Make online payments
  • Receive email notification when bills have been posted

Proxy User Frequently Asked Questions

Students select a proxy user’s name at the student’s link to Self Service Online Billing: or the link located at the Billing and Payment webpage,

Student Creates Proxy User

Students authorize parent, sponsors, or others to view their student account by selecting the proxy’s name from a list of eligible proxies. Each proxy must have a unique email address. If the student does not see the proxy’s name listed, the student must request that the proxy be added to the student’s record as an eligible proxy. The student can get the Proxy Creation form here: Proxy Creation Form. When it is returned to SFS, the proxy’s information is added and the student can then select that proxy’s name under “Add a Proxy “. Please remember that each parent requires a separate email address.

From the left menu, choose the person icon for User Options and select View/Add Proxy.

Proxy User Options Screenshot

View/Add Proxy Access

Students view current proxy users listed under “Active Proxies” and to add one, go to “Add a Proxy” and choose a name from the drop down menu.  If the person is not listed, a student must contact Student Financial Services at 802.654.3243 or  to request a form to establish that individual as an eligible proxy user. The student will then see the name added to their eligible proxy users and complete the proxy authorization. Proxy users must have an email address.

Proxy user access screenshot

Authorize Proxy User

Students choose “Allow Complete Access” and acknowledge the “Disclosure” that provides the proxy user to the student’s account information. Students choose “Save”  to complete the proxy access. The proxy receives an email notification that they have been given proxy access and must log in to activate their new access.

proxy user authorize screenshot 1

proxy user authorize screenshot 1

The proxy will receive two emails, one with a user name and one with a temporary password and link to activate their access.

Sign in to Self Service as a proxy entering your user name and password at Proxy Access Link When prompted, select the student’s name to view the student’s record. See the Account Summary Screen. See links at right for Make a Payment and View Statement.

Proxy user account summary

Pending financial aid will be listed for the term indicated. Loans not accepted by the student on KnightVision will not be deducted from the balance.  Once accepted, loans will be pending as a deduction from the account balance. New students will also need to complete Entrance Counseling and the Direct Master Promissory Note online at for the loans to disburse to their student account in the fall semester.

Make a payment

Pull down Term menu to see amount(s) due. View Statement if you wish to print a copy.

proxy user make a payment 1

Enter payment method- electronic check or debit/credit card. Cards are assessed a 2.5% convenience fee. Payments are real time and immediately update to the student’s account.

proxy user make a payment 2

View Statement

A printable PDF statement is available for your records or as a receipt after your payment is processed.

If the student does not see the proxy’s name, (relative other than parent, sponsor, or other party) listed at, the student must request that the proxy be added to the student’s record as an eligible proxy. The student requests a Proxy Creation Form from SFS at or by calling 802.654.3243 to request the form. When it is returned to SFS, the proxy’s information is added and the student can then select that proxy’s name under “Add a Proxy “.

If a proxy cannot remember their password, there is an online password reset.

Go to the login for proxy users:  Proxy Access Link  Choose “Reset my password”.

proxy user menu

  1. Enter your Last Name and your SMC ID # (Colleague) OR your Social Security Number (SSN). If you cannot locate your SMC ID# or have difficulty with the reset, call Student Financial Services at 802.654.3243 or email Our office staff are available from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM M-F to assist you.
  2. Enter your e-mail address to send a temporary password. Click on Submit. See message that an email with a temporary password will be sent to you.
    proxy user email reset screenshot 1
  3. Open the email to obtain a temporary password.Return to the Proxy User Login and enter the temporary password.Sample email: proxy user email reset screenshot 2
  4. Open a new browser window and go to the proxy login: Proxy Access LinkEnter your user name and new temp password. Reset to a new unique password.

A proxy user can see a screen display of their User ID.

proxy user menu

Your student can remove your proxy access through their self-service portal,