Return to Campus


Our first priority at Saint Michael’s is maintaining a safe campus for students, faculty and staff. Below, you will find the College’s most current plans and procedures for the summer 2021. Later this summer we will be able to provide an update with any policies or guidelines for the fall semester.

Summer 2021 Campus Guidelines and Regulations

With the low incidence of virus and the high rate of vaccinations here in Vermont, the Governor released new guidelines both for the State and specifically for colleges and universities. The Executive Policy Group has revised the campus guidelines and policies that will remain in place through August 15th.

While the community is in transition from the spring semester, with some members of the community not yet fully vaccinated, the College’s policies are necessarily more conservative than the State’s guidelines. While it is expected that the State will lift restrictions even further in the weeks ahead, the College policies below will remain in place through August 15 for the health and safety of our campus community.

Summer Health and Safety Policies:

Vaccines — As communicated at the end of the spring semester, vaccines are required for students working, living, and/or learning on campus this summer and for all students in the fall. Students can apply for a religious or medical exemption by completing this form. Employees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated.

Students will also be required to keep their COVID-19 vaccinations up to date as booster shots become available. Saint Michael’s joins a growing list of colleges and universities requiring the COVID-19 vaccine to help ensure that the campus is safe and can resume normal operations when appropriate and to protect those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons.

Students may upload an image of your vaccination card here. The information will be stored as part of your confidential medical record and will only be accessed by our licensed healthcare providers. Please only complete this form once your vaccine series is complete.

Students who qualify may apply for a medical or religious exemption by completing the COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form and sending it to the Bergeron Wellness Center director Mary Masson at

Return to In-Person Work — Employees who have been working remotely will begin a phased transition back to in-person work on June 2, with full in-person operations by June 16, which coincides with our employee appreciation event. Employees who have caregiving responsibilities, or who need more time to make necessary arrangements, should speak with their supervisors.

Masks — Unvaccinated community members must wear a mask when in the presence of others indoors, and outdoors when six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained. Fully vaccinated community members may choose to wear masks but are not required to wear them indoors or outdoors. All community members are encouraged to carry masks at all times, as many local business and medical offices will continue to require them.

Physical distancing — For their own safety, unvaccinated community members should avoid prolonged close contact indoors and try to maintain six feet of physical distancing indoors and outdoors.

Meetings — Community members may meet in person and at normal room capacity if all attendees are fully vaccinated. If not, or if you are unsure of anyone’s vaccination status, you may choose to meet outdoors, meet in a space large enough to accommodate physical distancing, or meet via Zoom. As you schedule meetings, please respect the privacy of those who may not want to share their vaccination status or who are not vaccinated.

Testing — There will be no surveillance testing conducted on campus. Students who are symptomatic should fill out their daily health affirmation and can request a test through the Bergeron Wellness Center. Unvaccinated community members returning from out of state must test for COVID and have a negative result within three days of returning to campus.

Daily Health Log — All community members are still required to complete the daily online health check. The link is posted in the Daily Digest every morning and at the top of the COVID webpages.

Visitors — Fully vaccinated visitors are allowed on campus. Unvaccinated visitors should wear a mask and maintain physical distancing, and they must have evidence of a negative COVID test from within three days before their visit to campus.

Travel — Fully vaccinated community members may travel within the United States with no additional restrictions. Unvaccinated community members must have evidence of a negative COVID test within three days of returning to campus after traveling. There is still a moratorium on all College-sponsored international travel.

Events and Performances Per the State guidelines, only those events that allow for adequate physical distancing should be conducted.

Dining — The Alliot Dining Hall is open and available for indoor dining to those on meal-plans and those purchasing meals.