Advising at Saint Michael's College

Every undergraduate student at Saint Michael’s College collaborates with a team of advisors. This ‘Order of Knights’ consists of a Student Success Advisor, Faculty Advisor, and Career Coach. Your team will guide you when making important academic decisions. They will help you navigate campus policies, practices, and can connect you with timely resources. You will work with your team to build a relationship-rich community and strengthen your network of support. Advising at SMC is a celebration of the motivations that inspire you as a learner. You will work with your advisors to author a personal narrative that will shape your college experience and life after graduation.

Student Success Advisor

Student Success Advisor meets with a student in the Office of Purposeful Learning at Saint Michael's College.

Saint Michael’s students are each assigned a Student Success Advisor in their first year on campus. These advisors play a crucial role in facilitating the transition and growth of college students, and offer a wide range of support and guidance, starting with personalized 1:1 meetings with each student, especially during their first year. These meetings provide students with the essential backing, encouragement, and a strong sense of connection, creating a platform for addressing their individual needs and challenges throughout their college experience.

Additionally, Student Success Advisors instruct a specialized 1-credit course in the early weeks of the fall and spring semesters, equipping all first-year students with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate life on campus. These courses cover diverse areas, including introductions to campus resources, the institution’s mission, and available opportunities, as well as the critical concepts of social impact and ethical leadership.

By offering a welcoming space at the center of campus, where students can relax and participate in various collaborative programs, these advisors help foster a sense of community and engagement. Moreover, they extend their support to families, welcoming their questions and concerns, and aiming to be a valuable resource for parents and guardians as well. In doing so, Student Success Advisors ensure that students and their families feel supported and well-prepared to embark on a successful and enriching college journey.

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Academic Advising

Professor Jerry Swope walks with a Saint Michael's College student on campus.

Faculty advising at Saint Michael’s plays a pivotal role in guiding students on their academic journey. Each student is paired with a Faculty Advisor, a knowledgeable mentor in their chosen major, during their time at the institution. For those who choose to pursue dual majors, the system ensures they receive support from two Faculty Advisors, one for each major, to address their academic needs.

The cornerstone of this advising system is the mandatory 30-minute Academic Advising Appointment, scheduled every semester during the ‘Advising Season.’ This appointment serves multiple purposes: it aids students in constructing a schedule that reflects their diverse academic interests, fosters critical and reflective thinking, and encourages the development of personal and professional goals to be achieved before the end of the semester.

Faculty Advisors offer a broad spectrum of services, including assisting students in exploring majors, minors, and graduation paths, aiding in course registration and selection, removing account holds, and facilitating the declaration of majors or minors. Moreover, students can tap into their Faculty Advisors’ knowledge to learn about department opportunities, such as special topics courses, undergraduate research, and department events, enriching their academic experience. In this way, Faculty Advisors are essential partners in our student’s educational journeys, helping them navigate the intricacies of their chosen fields and achieve their academic and career aspirations.

Career Coach

A Career Coach from the Career Education Center meets with a student in an office on the campus of Saint Michael's College.

Each Saint Michael’s student also has a Career Coach to help them access quality, real-world experiences during their time at the College through internships, on-campus student employment, and volunteering.

Meeting with a career coach helps to assist students in creating or updating their résumé, identifying classes, jobs, clubs, organizations, and internships that align with their career aspirations, and ensuring that their academic and extracurricular choices are on the right track to meet career goals.

Additionally, career coaches can assist you in defining your career path and purpose, a significant step toward achieving your long-term goals. The Boucher Career Education Center helps to connect students with alumni who can provide invaluable insights and advice, as well as provide insight into a world of career possibilities.

Career Coaches help students focus on identifying and strengthening skill sets and finding a career that fits the values of the student and help them find work they can be proud of.

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