Petition Seats

Many classes have an enrollment limit or "cap" that helps ensure that the class size is appropriate for the goals of the course.  Occasionally it happens that a student who needs a class or wants to take a class for a special reason may not be able to register for it because the class has reached its enrollment cap.

A few spaces in some classes are reserved for students to request entry by submitting a Permission and Petition Form. The petition is submitted to the instructor of the class on a form that is available at the Registrar's Office.  On this form the student can communicate the reason for wanting to enroll in the class.

If the instructor of the class decides to admit the student to the class, the signed petition form is sent to the Registrar's Office and the student is registered for the class.  Petitions may be submitted at any time during the registration process.

Click here for a list of courses with petition seats for the Fall 2019 semester.

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