Course Schedules & Registration

Schedule of Courses

The schedule of courses contains information about courses being offered during the current term, and any subsequent terms that are available. Students and faculty can access the schedule of courses through KnightVision Self-Service. Guest access to the schedule of courses is available here.

Spring 2021 Course Information

Course schedules and classroom assignments are organized to ensure that we are compliant with social distancing guidelines set forth by the State of Vermont, and to accommodate remote learning needs. The spring 2021 schedule includes courses that will use the following instructional methods:

Instructional Method Description
VIRTUAL (VIR) Course meets entirely virtually and is available to remote students. Optional face-to-face meetings may be held but are not be required. IMPORTANT: Most Virtual courses are “synchronous”, with days/times students are required to be in attendance online. The college offers very few “asynchronous” virtual courses without assigned meeting patterns.
MIXED MODEL (MXM) Course may be entirely in-person for on-campus students, but is still available to remote students. Course meets with some combination of in-person and virtual, perhaps using an alternating small group model.
IN-PERSON HYBRID (IPH) Course meets in-person and virtually, perhaps using an alternating small group model, but is not available to remote students.
IN-PERSON (IPN) Course meets entirely in-person and is not available to remote students.


Course Registration Process

Undergraduate students generally register for spring courses in November of the preceding fall, and register for fall courses in April of the preceding spring. Registration occurs primarily online through KnightVision Self Service. The undergraduate registration priority schedule is driven by class standing, which is determined by the number of credits a student has earned. Class standing does not take into account courses in progress.

Class Standing by Credit Hours Earned

Class Standing Credit Hours
First Year 0-23
Sophomore 24-55
Junior 56-88
Senior 89+

Spring 2021 Course Registration Schedule

Registration Group Date
Matriculated Graduate Students Monday, November 2
All Seniors Wednesday, November 4
Juniors Group 1 Thursday, November 5
Juniors Group 2 Friday, November 6
All Juniors Saturday, November 7
Sophomores Group 1 Monday, November 9
Sophomores Group 2 Tuesday, November 10
All Sophomores Wednesday, November 11
First Years Group 1 Thursday, November 12
First Years Group 2 Friday, November 13
All First Years Saturday, November 14
Open Registration Monday, November 16

Registration for the spring 2021 term is open from November 16 through the drop/add period, which ends on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.