Scholarships, Loans, Grants and Work Study

Over 90 percent of our undergraduate students receive financial aid which may include scholarships, grants, federal loans, work study.

All students are automatically considered for merit-based academic scholarships based on their application for admission.

To be considered for need-based financial aid included federal grants, need-based grants from Saint Michael’s, federal loans and workstudy, submit the FAFSA as soon as possible. The FAFSA is the only application Saint Michael’s requires to be considered for need based financial aid.

Saint Michael’s academic scholarships are generally renewable for four years of full-time enrollment. For students enrolled in the 3+2 Engineering or Pharmacy programs, academic scholarships are awarded for the student’s three years at Saint Michael’s.

Learn more about the sources and types of financial aid below and check out our net price calculator for an estimate of your potential financial aid award.