Orientation Schedule

Fall 2020 Orientation will begin with Move-In on Friday, August 28th and will conclude on Sunday, August 30th.

Activities are being planned for new students during each of the three days and evenings. Families will be invited to attend several activities on Friday. For planning purposes, families typically depart campus by noon on Saturday, August 29th.  Classes will begin on Monday, August 31st.

On Friday, August 28th, each new student will receive a much more detailed copy of the Orientation schedule which will include additional detail as well as locations and times.

Transfer Students:  All transfer students are welcome to attend all Orientation offerings.  However, there will be some sessions specifically designated for Transfer Students on Saturday, August 29th. More detail can be found on the Orientation schedule that students will receive on August 28th. 

For additional questions, contact:

Kerri Leach, Assistant Dean of Students / Director of Student Activities

Tim Mackin, Associate Dean of the College