With over 40 majors and minors, Saint Michael’s offers a challenging, diverse intellectual space for you to build on your military experience and get you ready for life after college.

Our Core Curriculum means that in addition to studying within your major you’ll be exposed to a variety of disciplines, enhancing the overall learning experience. We believe in the need for an education that prepares each student for their chosen career field, so not only will you learn within a classroom, but through an internship, study abroad, student teaching, or leadership experience will have you learning outside the classroom as well.

Whether it’s an internship at Ben and Jerry’s, a biological research project out in the deep woods in Vermont, or exploring the development of water systems in Africa, the experience gained while at Saint Michael’s goes a long way towards establishing your future.

Academic Support

Saint Michael’s is committed to the academic success of every student, which is why we offer a comprehensive academic support program designed to meet the needs of every student. The academic support center offers accessibility services for students in the following areas:

  • Students with learning differences
  • Support for students needing extra help in quantitative reasoning courses
  • A writing center for students looking to improve their writing skills
  • A peer tutoring program to provide one on one support for students looking for extra help
  • Research assistance, provided by the Library

The heart of a Saint Michael’s education is its liberal arts curriculum. A basis in liberal arts provides our graduates with the skills that employers are looking for in todays job market. Adaptability, insight, creativity and an ability to learn quickly are common traits among those that have served in the military. Let us help you build on what you already have learned and prepare you for life after college.

A Diverse Course Offering

Saint Michael’s offers a wide variety of courses and majors ranging from traditional liberal arts to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Saint Michael’s also offers an honors program and an accelerated summer program for those students that are motivated for a more rigorous academic challenge.

See all our Majors, Minors and Programs here.