9 Reasons Living on Campus is the Best

At Saint Michael’s College, we guarantee on-campus housing for all full-time undergraduates for all four years.

August 12, 2021

At Saint Michael’s College, we guarantee on-campus housing for all full-time undergraduates for all four years. That means that for first-years through seniors, life is centered here on our beautiful, 440-acre campus. There are plenty of reasons our students love living on campus; here are some reasons you’d love it, too.

#1. Find what suits you.

At St. Michael’s, we offer plenty of different options for you to choose from, including double rooms, single rooms, suites, apartments, and townhouses. So, whether you like to live with your crew close by or fly solo, you can pick what sounds right to you.

#2. Live with like-minded folks.

Speaking of picking what sounds right to you, St. Michael’s also offers students the opportunity to bond over common interests through our housing communities. These housing environments are centered in different residence halls and focus on themes like alcohol- and drug-free living, LGBTQ and allies, and international experiences.

#3. Stay safe and secure.

Our residence halls are locked 24 hours a day/seven days a week, and our campus is patrolled around the clock by our campus police. Plus, we have more than 40 residential life staff members, including Resident Assistants (RAs)—current upper-class students living right on your wing/floor—and Resident Directors (RDs)—graduate students who live in and supervise an entire building or area—so you always have support nearby.

#4 Do Well and Do Good.

Through Saint Michael’s UpLIFT program, you’ll get the chance to develop self-awareness and cultural competency to live with your peers in an honest, respectful, and inclusive way. You’ll interact with leaders, students, faculty, alumni, and the greater community to build a diverse perspective and become a better human being.

#5 Near the action.

Being right here on campus means easy access to the fun activities we have going on all the time. Whether you want to engage with campus ministry, explore your creativity in the MakerSpace, or get your heart pumping with everything from kickboxing to yoga, it’s all happening right in your backyard.

#6 Easily find a place to park.

Living in a cool and vibrant town like Burlington has tons of perks—but easily finding a parking spot isn’t necessarily one of them. But don’t worry! St. Mike’s offers plenty of parking for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors in all different areas of campus.

#7 Go (or stay) green.

Here in the gorgeous state of Vermont, St. Mike’s is committed to sustainability in both theory and practice. We have extensive composting and recycling systems, water bottle refilling stations, solar panels in our Natural Area, on-campus local farm stands, and carbon neutral buildings, just to name a few initiatives. Plus, by living on campus, you’re dropping your carbon footprint by dropping your commute to class. 😉

#8 Get better grades.

That’s right! Studies have shown that students who live on campus have higher GPAs than students who don’t, and they’re almost twice as likely to make the Dean’s List. 

#9 Save big money.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Burlington is around $1,500 a month, which also doesn’t include utilities, meals, etc. With St. Mike’s inclusive room and meals plans (which also include WiFi), you’ll save *thousands of dollars* every year.

If this all sounds pretty great to you, too, check out our virtual tour of campus, make plans to visit us in person soon, or apply today to start your Saint Michael’s journey!  

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