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Currently in the Military?

Want to get ahead in your academic career? Think summer at Saint Michael’s College.

Summer at Saint Michael’s is now more flexible than ever, with per credit pricing that matches most Tuition Assistance programs. Our expansive course catalog features both on-campus and online courses in our Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2. Current military members are eligible to complete up to two courses in each session at a reduced rate of $1,000 per course ($250/credit + course material fees, estimated to be $75-$100 per course). Active duty members may also qualify for tuition assistance. The discount rate is available for our hybrid/on-campus courses or our 100% online courses. Click here to register today! Courses offered include:

Summer Session 1: May 23-July 1

Course CodeCourse NameInstructorDelivery Method
AR 214Digital Animation & Motion GraphicsGordon GloverOnline (asynchronous)
BI 108Human NutritionJim WillardOnline (asynchronous)
BI 207Human Anatomy and PhysiologyPaul ConstantinoOnline (asynchronous)
BI 235VirologyDagan LoiselOnline (asynchronous)
BU 215MarketingRobert LetovskyOnline (asynchronous)
EN 301Poetry Writing WorkshopGreg DelantyOnline (synchronous – weekly meetings Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm)
ES 107Environmental ScienceDavid HerouxOnline (asynchronous)
ID 498Internship PracticumPaul OlsenOnline (asynchronous)
MJD 209Introduction to Digital Photography and Visual StorytellingJerry SwopeOnline (asynchronous)
PH 250Introduction to LogicPatrick StandenOnline (asynchronous)
PO 120Introduction to American National PoliticsDaniel SimmonsOnline (asynchronous)
PO 285Introduction to Comparative PoliticsMichael BosiaOnline (asynchronous)
PS 110Lifespan DevelopmentMelissa VanderKaay TomasuloOnline (asynchronous)
PS 252Child DevelopmentRenee CarricoOnline (asynchronous)
PS 350Psychology of Health and Illness Melissa Vanderkaay TomasuloOnline (asynchronous)
SO 221Race and Ethnic RelationsInaash IslamOnline (asynchronous)

Summer Session 2: July 5-August 12

Course CodeCourse NameInstructorDelivery Method
AL 101Introduction to Language and LinguisticsApril ShandorOnline (mix of synchronous and asynchronous)
BU 111Excel and Business ApplicationsKaren PopovichOnline (asynchronous)
BU 214ManagementKaren PopovichOnline (asynchronous)
CH 101Concepts in ChemistryChristina ChantOnline (asynchronous)
CL 118Ancient Medicine and the Greek and Latin Roots of Scientific TerminologyKeeley SchellOnline (asynchronous)
ES 106Environment and SocietyTrevien StangerOnline (asynchronous)
ID 498Internship Practicum Ingrid PetersonOnline (asynchronous)
MU 247History of RockWilliam EllisOnline (asynchronous)
PB 101Introduction to Public HealthTBAOnline (asynchronous)
PO 245International RelationsJeff AyresOnline (asynchronous)
PO 286Politics of the World EconomyShefali MisraOnline (asynchronous)
PS 101General PsychologyMelissa McDuffieOnline (asynchronous)
PS 250Social PsychologySarah NosekOnline (asynchronous)
RS 120Christianity Past and Present Eva PascalOnline (asynchronous)
ST 120Elementary Statistics  Warren Sides Online (asynchronous)