Global Health


The minor in Global Health allows students to explore the international distribution of health outcomes, resources, and burdens, and the systems responsible for this distribution. Students will increase their understanding of global systems of health care delivery, and of other important systems such as international trade, governance, migration and cultural norms that underpin the forces that shift and block changes in health outcomes.  Examination of these systems will help students understand important global phenomena, from the movement of global pandemics to the world wide maldistribution of medication and health care workers to the increasing health impacts of catastrophes like political violence and climate change.


  • PB 101 Introduction to Public Health
  • 1 course From Approved Study Abroad/Study Away or one of the following:


SP 202 Spanish for Health Professions/ FR 202 French for Health Professions

At least one course must be from this list (If desired, all three electives may come from this list):

EC 321           Economics of Development and Poverty

FR 202           French for Health Professions

SP 202           Spanish for Health Professions

PO 351          Politics of the Global AIDS Pandemic

PO 352          Health & Development in East Africa

HI 345            The Black Death

AL 220           Languages of the World

AL 250           Intercultural Communication

AN 109          Introduction to Anthropology

AN 315          Anthropology of International Development

AN 341          Culture, Illness, and Healing

SO 215          Social Determinants of Health

Up to two electives may be taken from this complete list:

Environmental and Nutritional Health

  • BI 108 Nutrition
  • ES 225 Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture
  • ES 306 Environmental Justice
  • ES 310 Environmental Hazards
  • PO 325 Politics of Food

Global and National Health

  • AN 315 Anthropology of International Development
  • AN 333 Anthropology of Refugees
  • AN 341 Culture, Illness and Healing
  • AS 227 Intro to Latinx Literature & Culture
  • HI 345 The Black Death
  • PO 351 Global Politics of AIDS
  • PO XXX Health Policy (new course)

Health Equity

  • AN 217 Social Inequalities
  • EC 321 Economics of Development & Poverty
  • EN 375 The Middle Passage
  • HI 365 Race, Class and Gender in the Atlantic World
  • HI 414 African Slavery in the Atlantic World
  • MJD 323 Race, Gender & Ethnicity in the Media
  • PH 351 Otherness & Marginalization
  • PH 358 Philosophy of Race
  • SO 221 Race & Ethnic Relations

Gender, Sexuality & Health

  • GS 101 Gender Studies Foundations
  • PO 292 Global LGBTQI Politics and Culture
  • HI 215 Women in American Society

Skills for Public Health

  • MA 110 Math for Social Justice
  • ST 251  Probability
  • ST 252  Mathematical Statistics and Methods
  • DS 203  Data Science

Additional Options

  • AL 250 Intercultural Communication
  • ED 350 Trauma Informed Educational Process
  • PS 250 Social Psychology
  • PS 256 Abnormal Psychology
  • PS 310 Drugs and Behavior
  • PS 350 Psychology of Health and Illness

No more than 2 courses can contain the same course Prefix (e.g. BI or SO)